Wednesday, December 19, 2007


That is what I now have, a 2' long trunk on what I consider a Charlie Brown tree. It is called a mixed pine tree as the top two feet of the tree the two feet above the trunk consists of different kinds of pine branches. AND so far my darling Solara has just sniffed it. The trunk that is. She has been staying away from the actual tree branches too. It is oh so very lopsided I keep hoping it doesn't fall over. I did shimm it but the floor in the apartment is not very straight either. I am thinking of putting a few twinkling lights my tree if I can find them now but then that would mean another cord running across the floor. I have very few outlets in this old apartment which is a definite fire trap. I can put some tinsel on the tree as the tree branches don't start until after the first two feet (the trunk) and this way they will be away from my furchild who may decide she is interested in the tree after all. I have four small ornaments received in previous swaps on the tree and Solara isn't showing any interest in them either. I know this is good but not normal for a kitty. I have two beautiful glass balls which I won't put on the tree or for sure Solara will show interest then and knock them off the tree. Then I would have broken glass balls like a broken Humpty Dumpty and you know they couldn't put him back together so those nice glass balls would be in pieces forever. I guess I need to wrap some presents now and put them under the tree. I wonder if I have some white fluffy stuff that looks like snow I can put under the tree to put the presents on.

Now here are the photos of my tree. Sorry these first ones are not that great but you can get the idea of what my tree looks like.

Here are some close ups of the branches.


WPGGAL said...

I love your sad little tree. Don't forget to put some kitty decorations on for Solara to enjoy.

baba black sheep said...

beautiful tree penny
sorry i havn't been around much but we are ALL sick now with the flu merry christmas for sure. i think i will sue the hospital mmm