Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Earlier today I was at Starbucks with a friend. I ordered one of the holiday specials, the Eggnog Latte. When I received it I thought something was missing and sure enough I wasn't given any of the creamy thick cloud like mass of whipped topping. The reason I noticed is that my friend just walked away with a ton of it on the top of her Gingerbread Latte she ordered. So I asked the barrister how come I didn't get any which is just an oil based product and NOT the real whipped cream. The barrister explained to me that Starbucks "RECALLED" the whipped topping. I am sure I had a strange expression on my face when I looked at her and said BUT BUT BUT how could they RECALL it between when I ordered my Eggnog Latte and my girlfriend ordered her Gingerbread Latte? She told me it was only "RECALLED" from the Eggnog Latte but I could have some if I wanted. I thought how strange and so I asked why did they decide (as I felt the word recall was way too silly for this situation) not to put whipped topping on the Eggnog Lattes. She said the company decided that with all the calories etc etc in the eggnog it was over the top to add the topping to the finished product. Thus, it was RECALLED!!!! In other words, Starbucks is saving me from myself. If I am going to go all out and order a full regular coffee with regular eggnog and whatever else goes in it "full" if I really didn't want whipped topping I would say so. I did get some whipped topping on my latte but only a teeny tiny bit. Guess I am being saved from myself also.


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sharon said...

Laughing so hard it hurst.
Unbelievable - why not just ask if you want the whipped topping?
(came from WWCS)

Lesley said...

Good lord!
That's is just ridiculous. As if you don't know that whipped topping will add calories.
Nice of starbucks to assume that we all have IQ's similar to that of bricks.