Tuesday, December 18, 2007


AND I do mean that literally. YUP I just got home a short while ago after having being an extra in a new series being filmed in Winnipeg. It will be released in 2008, probably in the fall. The name of the series is Less Than Kind. I was an extra in episode the 7 of 13. I was a patron in a restaurant. For the first few takes the person I was sitting in the booth with and I weren't on camera and were real background. BUT they told us they wanted us back later to film us as we walked toward the booth we were to sit at but when we were called back we went in through the back of the restaurant and not in through the front door. We were led to the same booth we were in earlier. Next thing I know the director, assistant director or someone changed our places so we were sitting opposite how we were earlier which meant I would be facing the camera when this time while they filmed and they didn't film us walking toward the booth. OH NO!!! You never know which set of takes will be used in the actual series and I could be seen in this episode. I won't tell you what I was wearing so you won't be able to find me and anyway by then you should all have forgotten. The episodes will be a half hour long and it took hours to film this very short portion. About five hours to do only a few lines by one of the main characters.

There is not much information on the series yet but you can find some here: http://www.breakthroughfilms.com/production_showlistings_show_default.asp?sid=166 and here: http://www.worldscreen.com/newscurrent.php?filename=breakthrough111507.htm.

All in all it was a fun afternoon.

Now I guess I should update my papers, I hate to say resume and put down all the films I have been an extra in and also sent in a new photo. I should do one for the other extra casting agency in the city too. ARRGGHHHH!!!! I don't like having my picture taken but then you never know what the director is looking for. AND I could be it.

What will I be paid you are wondering? Good question. Actually, they didn't say so I don't know but most likely their minimum non ACTRA wage when you are not paid actual ACTRA wages. Sometimes you are paid just minimum wage and sometimes they ask you to do it gratis. Doing extra work gratis makes for very good karma in this business. I have even been paid ACTRA wages while an extra. When I was an extra in Shall We Dance, all I saw of myself was the back of my blouse which is okay. I was there for only a few hours and I lucked out and got paid a full day pay at ACTRA wages. You get paid whether you are in the movie or on the cutting room floor. That sounds really good doesn't it?

So Janice that is why I wasn't home today when you phoned.


WPGGAL said...

So, when you're a big movie star are you still going to talk to us little peons??!! I didn't leave a message, I thought you were out. I need some info on blocking "The Shawl" I actually finished it and have to block it today.

noricum said...

Hey, cool. :) I'll have to re-watch Shall We Dance to see if I can spot you. :)

Ursula said...

How fun! Certainly breaks up the monotony... actually it sounds like you do this fairly frequently. Cool!