Wednesday, July 18, 2007


The third Tuesday of the month is the knitting get together of knitters in my city. We meet at McNallys. We knit, chat, share all kinds of information, tips, techniques, check out each other projects, have show and tell and genearlly have a enjoyable evening. Did we ever think we would have show and tell when we got out of kindergarden??? So I am going to share with you a show and tell of some photos I took of our lastest get together Tuesday July 17. This first photo is of Nadine who loves to knit miniatures. AND is that ever small knitting with the very very very thin needles. So thin it seems they would bend when you tried to use them. The second photo is a close up a minature jacket she is knitting. Sorry the sun was in your eyes Nadine.

Now you have to admit that is very tiny knitting. Nadine has brought in for us to see her miniature dolls she knits the clothes for and the dolls are no bigger than my thumb.

In this next photo Erica on the right brought her swift and ball winder to our get together. She is shown helping another Erica (on the left) turn a skein of yarn into a ball of yarn. I am going to have to get swift and ball winder for myself. AND Good on ya Erica for getting your swift at the Sally Ann for almost nothing.

There was some four way knitting going on. It was practice for our KNIT OUT on Aug 19. This is when four people knit on the same project at the same time. AND of course here are the photos to see what this is all about. The second is a close up of the knitting.

There is talk of donating it or having a raffle for it when it is has been completed. It is one of the interesting things we will do at our KNIT OUT in August since many different people can work on it. A novel idea.

I will share more photos after our next knitting get together.

Before going to our knitting get together Shelagh told me all about her time at knitting camp last week. She also showed me a couple of new books she came home with and some lovely lace weight 50% silk and 50% merino yarn with "glitter" in it she purchased. Shelagh let me know if I didn't remember the yarn contents correctly and I will correct it.

One day I would love to go to knitting camp and/or to "Stitches". DREAMS GLORIOUS DREAMS

AND while I am dreaming there is a a 10 day "Stitch and Beach" Cruise with Debbie Stoller leaving New York Feb 27 I would love to go on. For more info or to reserve a spot, call the Stitch 'n Beach cruise desk at 1(800) 760-7447or visit It sure sounds like a fun event!! Hope all of you who go have a really good time.

On to knitting news
I finished lining my bag for the ITE4. I decided against the zipper and put in snaps instead. It really looks nice but I won't put a photo here just now in case my partner finds out I have a blog and then she would see it before she gets it and it won't be a surprise who it is from. I am very happy with the results. Those who have seen it also thought it was nice. I only hope my partner enjoys it as much. It needs to be at its' new home by August 1.

More swap news is that I have my partner in the sockamaniac hometown sock swap, my partner in the whoduknit swap and my partner for the animal cloth swap in addictedtoknitdishcloth group. In the hometown sockamaniac swap we send sock yarn to knit a pair of socks, a sock pattern and items the place we live are known for. We can send other items also if we wish to do so. In this specific whoduknit swap we can only spend $10 and have to scavenger and hunt for bargins for our partner trying to get the most bang for our buck,

As for receiving swaps I am waiting to receive my International Tote Exchange IV (ITE4) swap, whenever bottle swap, whoduknit bottle swap and my color swap from addictedtoknitdishcloth group. The color swap was mailed mid June and never arrived so a second has been shipped and the 2L bottle of goodies in the whoduknit bottle swap also got lost somewhere in Montana???? I don't think it ever crossed the border and came into Canada. You should see the mailperson's face when a 2 liter soda bottle full of goodies is delivered. My whenever bottle swap goodies which may or may not be in a bottle was only just mailed. The ITE4 swap is supposed to be received by August 1. Those are swaps that should have arrived and/are arriving shortly. Then there are the new swaps I am in. AND then there is my Knit Picks order. AND AND AND.... I didn't win the knitting needle lotto in the addictedtoknitdishcloth group but I won a prize for guessing who won the knitting needle lotto which means a prize is coming my way. So there is going to be lots of KNITTING GOODNESS coming my way soon. WHOO HOO I guess I am not to difficult to please, just a few goodie packages and a knitting cruise or holiday or two and I am a happy camper. HEE HEE

Tomorrow or since it already tomorrow then later today I will post a photo of my new centerpeice. It isn't new new but it is rearranged. Leaving you hanging with that to figure out for those who don't know I will say good night and happy knitting dreams.

AND now for the PS I first did this in my edit (don't ask) and had to figure out how to get it to create without retyping and was I ever having problems. After that I ended up with too too many labels and had to revise that. So I hope this works and it appears on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Boy, did I miss a good meeting, huh? Good thing you took pics. I hope the yarn that Shelagh got wasn't Tilli Thomas, I'd have to steal it from her! I've been eyeing it on the internet for some time.

Penny said...

No it wasn't Tilly Thomas but it was just as nice and just as expensive. I want some Tilli Thomas yarn also. I would love to have yarn with things (beads, sequins or other goodies already in it when I get it.

Cathy said...

where does nadine get the patterns for her dolls
i need to clothe mine

like i NEED another project