Friday, July 27, 2007


Knitting Goodness

Yes more knitting goodness. Yesterday I received my bottle swap minus the bottle from my partner in the whenever group I belong to. On the box was taped a sheet of paper with a nail enamel bottle on it and on this sheet of paper was written I'm a little bottle , yes I am. This was the second part of my bottle swap. Earlier I received the first part which was two skeins of Panda Wool and the pattern for the Circus Chevron Socks designed by KyleAnn for June sock of the month in the whenevergroup. How excited I was to receive it. Oh how I would have loved to order it. I loved the pattern and the yarn isn't available locally but, alas, there was no budget money for it at the time it was available. So I just looked at it and thought one day maybe if there were any kits left I might be able to get one. Then it came as a gift and the sender didn't even know I had been wanting it. Did I send vibes to my partner or what???? When I heard I was getting more in the swap I was quite excited as at first I thought this was my bottle swap package not that this itself wouldn't have been a wonderful package. Only I didn't know who it was from. So I made a general thank-you to the group. It turned out my partner was busy. I though at first on vacation but her note said she was buying a new home. Congratulations Anarii on your new home. Live in it with much happiness. Well in this box aka little bottle substitute was more yarn. YUP more yarn for my ever expanding stash. I received two skeins of Knit Picks Telemark (a DK weight yarn) in colorway Bayberry which is a wine color. It is 100% Highland Peruvian Wool and is feltable yarn. I also received a skein of Hemp Yarn in a natural color. When I first looked at it it looked like twine. It is 55% hemp and 45% wool ~200yds 2 ply WW made in China but who makes it the ballband doesn't say. This is a very interesting skein of yarn. I know from my knowledge of hemp whatever I make make with it won't wear out too soon. Which would mean if your favorite jeans were made of hemp you would never have to worry about them wearing out and you having to break in a new pair. Back to my swap package. To feed my eyelash addiction there were three skeins of a pink yarn called Petalo 60% cotton & 40% nylon with 62yd per skein from Joann's. The eyelash portion is very very short and a true pinky pink while the yarn itself is a very pale pink. I see a scarf or border on a bag, or a tiny infant item. AND there was more in this little box, a container of Simply Idaho Potato Lotion since Anarii is from Idaho. Who would have "thunk" potato lotion???? It does have an odd smell but it did make my hands and arms feel soft. I still like the smell of coconut lotion better. Ah yes there was also a bar of Honeysuckle hand made soap by Greencastle Soap Company. Last but not least there was a set of Susan Bates Sock Needles One can never have enough sock needles. I am loving my Knit Picks sock needles but they keep falling out of the stitches on one of the sock projects I am currently working on. A photo of my goodies is below. Are you a little jealous? Just a little?

What am I working on? Well one of the projects I am working on the is The Circle of Friendship Socks. A pattern purchased from Elann. I also purchased the same pattern for Sharon, my year long partner in weluvknitting group. I thought it would be fun if we worked on it together. So in our first of four swaps I sent her the pattern. It wasn't until after I bought it I realized it was a graph. I only can do simple graphs but Sharon generously offered to translate it for me into the written word which she did. Thank-you again Sharon. "Anywho", we decided to start the socks in June each using yarn of our own choice. I chose to use some Fleece Artist sock weight yarn. I am much slower than Sharon as if I remember what she wrote she either has completed her socks or is close to finishing them and she started knitting hers way after I started mine. From the photo you cans see I have done the cuff and one set of circles of the leg. I have altered the pattern slightly by not putting the cable on the cuff. I also will be doing a plain foot instead of doing the cuff pattern on the foot. I think being the pattern is so textured I may not like it. If it were slightly textured I would contiue the pattern on the foot but it way too textured for me. What do you think?

I had to go and find my DPN needle keep as the stitches kept falling off the needles especially when I was working on the first stitches with a cable needle at the beginning of each needle and also when I would take them out after having put them away between knitting. Here is what it looks like when the DPNS are on a needle keep.

If a needle keep is something you would be interested int you can go here to find out how to order them. Each one is made when it is ordered.

AH, I know the ITE4 bag I sent out on Monday was received in the country of destination on Wednesday and received at 5AM this morning where it will get sorted to be delivered. It is too early to know if it went out for delivery today or will go tomorrow. So my bag definitely is arriving on time and it may have even arrived today.

Ravelry Update

You signed up on July 6, 2007
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It is slow going but I am moving up the list a few slots at a time.


Jan said...

I am not jelous, but then my bottle swap partner also spoiled me flat-spankin-wrotten too! Mine even managed, without a word from me even, to send a much needed hank of discontinued lace weight yarn in just the right color for a planned shawl!

I think it's super cool to be knitting the same project as your swap partner in that one swap. The way the two of you are cooperating by helping each other with it, wow that's just knitterly.

I hope some day the two of us can be bottle swap partners, I'd like the chance to spoil you "flat-spankin-wrotten" as a knitter!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Penny,
I'm loving your blog!
I think I'm about 1000 behind you in the wait for Ravelry....hope we both learn to be patient! a friend from ATKDC