Monday, July 9, 2007

My First Post

My very first post on my blog. I was not sure this day or post would ever happen. Why you may ask?

I couldn't get the title link to work and the stubborn person I was didn't want to have posts without titles. That was the easy problem it seems since some how I fixed it and it is working now. The more difficult problems I can't seem to fix include figuring out how to put buttons on my blog and how to type of a list such as of books in my knitting library and then you readers who are interested in what I own can click on a link to go to it instead of it all being down the side of my blog. I also have a pet sitting on a web site I want to put on my side bar along with calendars, a clock, ticker tape and other items (Also where do you find those other items since I do have the pet waiting for me to take her to her new home). I would like to learn to be able to type "my blog" or "blog" in email and or on another blog and when you click on that one word or both words it will take you to my blog. So if there are any knowledgeable bloggers out there who can help me I would greatly appreciate it. Sometimes the add a page link doesn't show up on my template and I can't add anything to my what is on the side of my blog or even add a new page link. HELP HELP!!!!!!

BUT now on to some knitting goodness.

I rececived a package this morning. I have several I am still waiting for. This one is from my pal Sharon in the weluvknitting group. We are exchanging four packages over a year. This was number two.

Here is a photo of all the goodies I received.

There is some yummy Patons SWS yarn in a blue color called Natural Denim (three balls of it), lots of Americana goodies includeing notepad, pen, small US flags (4), an Americana pail, small photo album and stickers. To go with the red, white and blue theme there were two red voltives and a larger red candle. My bathroom is decorated in Americana. I also got candy, a large box of Skittles, and a box of Red Fish Candies. I got a poppy grow kit which I will save for when I get to move into my townhouse. I need to call the co-op to see where I am on the waiting list. There were two Mary Engelbreit items (an P magnet and a small photo album). Even my knitting kitty received a couple of gifties. Solara got some Temptations treats and three mini mice. She was in the box trying to get at the mice before I was even able to take them out for her. They are lost now most likely under the coffee table. This package was sent out July 3. Mine to her was also mailed out July 3 and it is in limbo somewhere. I sometimes wonder about the postal system here. I also mailed some Avon brochures to customers I wouldn't be able to get to. One customer I called said she received hers today and when I asked her what the post mark date was, she told me July 6. So what happened to it between July 3 when I took it to the postal out, purchased a stamp for it, mailed it and July 6 when it was post marked??????

I guess I will close my first post now.


Mary Pat said...

Hi Penny - your BLOG is very attractive. Our girlfriend, Shelagh, had a big flight delay yesterday and missed dinner. However, today we are off on a yarn crawl. Hope to find the yarn you want.

Look forward to pictures of Solara.


Penny said...

Is Shelagh bringing photos of Solara? I will be posting photos of my knitty kitty on my blog.
Hey Shelagh sorry to hear of your flight delay. It rained on and off her yesterday and just a few minutes ago there was a downpour.
I am excited that just maybe you will find my Berroco Boho Colors yarn.

baba black sheep said...

yeah for you, you did it!!! i am very proud of you!!! its looking good girlfriend

Penny said...

Thanks Cathy