Monday, July 16, 2007


HMMM I almost didn't get to do this post and who knows if this will even go through. Does anyone else have problems with blogspot? Everytime I tried to upload a photo it would ask me to sign in, so I would and then I would find the photo again, click upload and yup I would be again asked to sign in?????? This went on and on and on and on...... Anyway I finally shut the computer down and now it seems to be working BUT for how long?

I will start with showing the finished hat or cloche I knit for the Maise Dobbs whoduknit project. I felted it Saturday while visiting my friend Cathy in Transcona. What do you think? Is it finished or do you think it need a flower or something? Yes you can see the glitz even if you can't tell from the photo. It is quite close to the head like a big beanie hat.

This next photo is a close up.
The hat is from the book Knit it! Felt it! There are some other interesting patterns in this book. I would love to make the Shades of Blue Wristers. In the photo of them in the book it shows them felted but you can see the ribbing pattern very distinctively. I wonder how this happens when you felt. I thought when you felt you loose any and all pattern and the finished piece looks like a piece of fabric so to speak. If anyone can help me figure this out I would love to hear how this happens.

So I went to Transcona to visit Cathy and while there I threw some of my dark summer clothes in her washer along with this hat and went home with a few clean clothes in addition, to my hat having been felted. Oh I did two loads of wash today but have a couple more to do. Thanks Cathy for letting wash some of my stuff while visiting. AND Cathy made me two pom poms for my bag for the ITE4. For whatever reason I can't make pom poms. I even purchased the pom pom maker that was for sale in Avon. I do have to own up I didn't try to use it. I wanted the pom poms to look good on the bag as it is a gift. I will have to get around to trying to make some with this pom pom maker one day.

Okay so now you know I was at Cathy's. Getting to Cathy's by car isn't really too far. It is about 20 minutes. Unfortunatly I don't own a car so I have to take the bus which means it is about an hour each way. If I go via one bus I have about a 15 minute walk from the bus which is how I went Saturday. I can also get there on one bus and be dropped off just around the corner but that is only at rush hour or I can take two buses and the second one will also leave me just around the corner but the connection to the second bus isn't always that great. Who is "this Cathy" since I know several Cathys online.

I removed the photo of Cathy for those who are wondering where it is. A better photo will be in this spot I hope soon,

Thanks Cathy for the pizza. Did you know I took another slice while I was sitting at the computer?

About those three items I put on ebay I want to let you all know where you can find them if you are interested. Here are the photos of what I listed.

Here is the link for the 5-piece bathroom dollhouse furniture: and the listing number is: 280134110916

Here is the link for the minature shoe and bag: and the listing number is: 280134114236

The black and white canvas tote can be found at: and the lsiting number is: 280134098576

So if any of these are of interest to you, check them out. With a link and number you should have no problems. This is only #2,3,4 I have listed with ebay which is also very new to me.

I have been selling Avon a long time and I have lots I can sell so if anyone is interested just let me know and I will check and see if I happen to have it. Now I don't have everything. Oh and for those in the states when you order online you cannot put my phone number in with your order to give me the credit. You can only do that if you live in Canada. AND Avon is global????

I have given a lot of thought to my ITE4 bag and have decided that snaps would look better than a zipper so after the lining has been completed I will sew in the snaps. Then when it is completed I will upload a photo for you all to see. We have to mail our totes and bags by July 18 but since some of the goodies I want to include with my bag will not have arrived by the time the bag needs to be posted I have decided to send the bag first and "all" the goodies after seperately. They will probably only be mailed a few days apart but the bag needs to be received by by partner on August 1. That means "my" bag will be arriving soon also. I have been some beautiful bags on the blog and I love lots of them but my favorite so far I think was done by Deb. She wrote: it is going to another part of the country, can't say which state but since I don't live in the states it won't be coming to me. BOO HOO!! BUT I am sure I will love the bag I receive from my partner just as much. I hope my partner loves her bag. Here is a teaser photo of my bag. If you want to see it put together but not completely finished you will have to search the ITE4 to find it.

Oh since I am filling in blanks I guess you think I am going to list which books I ordered from Knit Picks BUT you are going to have to wait a while for me to tell you.

Shelagh how was your kintting camp? Did you come home with some money or did you have to buy another piece of luggage to bring home all the yarn and goodies you purchased? I look forward to seeing you and all your new goodies on Tuesday before we go to our knitting get together.

Boy was I having problems with Firefox today so I am back using Explorer. I will use Firefox when I am working on ebay. I had problems reading mail, uploading photos and sending emails. It could partly be my computer which is eight years old and I am still using the NOW unsupported windows 98 (2nd edition). One day I will get a newer model computer and monitor but until then I baby this one.

Look at the time. No wonder I am tired but being tired and trying to get to sleep and staying asleep are totally different things.


danielle said...

I cantmake pom poms either - they always look so sad and ridiculous - just like my bows!

Jane said...

Nice blog Penny and great name for it. Just look at your sidebar - you have been very busy! As for the wristers showing the pattern - it depends how much you felt whether you lose all of the stitch definition or not. They must be lightly felted.

Vigdis said...

Gosh, you've been busy girl!! Love your hat :-) Love Vigdis

noricum said...

I don't have problems uploading photos, although ususally I use flickr rather than picasa (what blogger uses). Perhaps it was having a bad day?

With felting, you gradually lose stitch definition, so things that stand out (cables, bobbles, ribbing, etc) take longer to disappear... and thus show up after regular stockinette loses definition.