Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Knitting Goodness
My Knit Picks order arrived. How very exciting. Not only for me but also for Cathy as she ordered some knitting goodies when I put my order in. Here is a photo of what I ordered for me.

I know the photo is a little dark but the others were blurry. This is the best. So you can see what books I finally decided on. They include: Heirloom Knits which I have been oogling everytime I am at the bookstore at my knitting get togethers, Picture Knits which from how long I have had it out of the library you would think it was mine, Nicky's Epstein's Knitting Beyond the Edge (now I have all her edge books and just need her Emblishment book, and The Yarn Harlot's newest book Casts Off. I also got myself the Baby Suprise DVD and two skeins of Gloss in the color Dusk. Of course, I got a few items to go into my ITE4 exchange which I mailed today and should arrive at my partner's home by August 1. Cathy also ordered Knitting Beyond the Edge and yarns. I felt the box was not packed very well. They put the DVD under the two Knitting Beyond the Edge books and it got crushed. As for the yarns, the yarns are probably packed 10 to a bag. The bags I received were all ripped open. The yarns not ordered were removed and others yarns ordered were shoved in those ripped bags as a full bag of yarn was not ordered. The bags were not cut and not taped back up. They were ripped open. Some yarns were not in bags. Some of the labels on the yarns were even off and coming off. The box was gaping. Boy was it heavy. It was good I was home when it came and I didn't have to pick it up from the postal out. Yes I was disappointed with the packing of this box of goodies. I have not yet had time to play with my goodies it was such a busy day.

The postman came about 1PM or a little after. What I did was take out what was for my ITE4 partner to pack it all up with what I already had for her. After showering I headed out in this awful heat and humidity. I made three Avon deliveries and came back for my cart that contained more Avon to be delivered, library books to be returned and my package to mail. I delivered more Avon, mailed my package via express so it would get where it needed to be in time, went to the bank, went to the library and went to the grocery store. Remember I do not have a car and need to take a hot bus wherever I go. Thank-goodness for my window A/C unit in my apt when I came home. Being Cathy is coming over to visit tomorrow, collect her Avon and her Knit Picks order and cool down I wanted to make her something nice for lunch. When I got home I made Beet Soup with fresh beets from the store. I also got a large container of sour cream. We will also have a fresh summer fruit salad although the sweetness of the watermelon and cantaloupe leaves a bit to be desired. I hope the cherries I added without the pits as I have a cherry pitter, strawberries and blueberries make up for the lack of sweetness of the watermelon and especially the cantaloupe. I also mixed in a can of manadarin orange sections. We will also have sandwiches on multi grain whole wheat bread from the local bakery. I even did up some huckleberry tea we can have iced. Neither Cathy or Diane who is also coming over have been to Mona's shop up the street so after lunch we will go there and pet some luscious Lorna Laces and Fleece Artist yarns. Yes, Cathy it was okay you invited yourself and Daine over to have lunch and to visit. LOLO And when all that was completed I put a small Epicure order in online. Not enough to qualify for a party but the items are needed by a certain date.

More Knitting Goodness

I also got my Whoduknit Bottle Swap package although not in a bottle. It was from Debbie. This was the second one she sent since I didn't get the first package.

It was a box filled with lots of goodies which included the following items
- a tea towel with a coffee cup on it. It is very nice thank-you
- a darling dark green granny's fave dishcloth which matches my kitchen if I decide to let it touch dishes
- a skein of Moda Dea Sassy stripes in a blues and wines variegated colorway
- a skein of hot pink yarn which is either DK or WW I will have to check using my WPI guide but I do know it isn't wool as it didn't dissolve in bleach
- Avon Soft Pink Bubble Bath (love it) well I should I sell it also. For all of you who don't know it removes most stains since it is "soap" without a lot of other ingredients. There are tons of great uses for this product besides as a bubble bath
- Candy (Werther's Original)
- Lipton's Ice Tea to go but it is now gone it is so hot here
- Caramel microwave pop corn
- a new book to read by Anne Perry Half Moon Street and I am on page 32 already. It isn't in the photo as I am reading it and forgot to put it with the other goodies.
Again thank-you Debbie for the treats. I love everything.

Ravelry, here are my new stats. So I am slowly moving up the list.
You signed up on July 6, 2007
You are #14564 on the list.
7947 people are ahead of you in line.
5499 people are behind you in line

No more now as before I head off to bed I want to browse through my new books and touch my Gloss yarn some more. Then I can have some sweet dreams.

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Karen said...

Hi! I am a fairly new blogger myself and I know how much I love to see comments. Sorry your Knitpicks order was so scambled. I did have one thought - if the bags were torn open that meant less chance of accidently cutting the yarn. I work in a store (Target) and spend lots of time cutting open boxes and packages. I try to be really careful but I sometimes even manage to nick a package. Seems to happen all the time in grocery stores. I suspect Knitpicks maybe doesn't think through the issues in packing light and heavy things together. I hope your DVD itself is undamaged - the Baby Surprise jacket is lots of fun!