Saturday, January 10, 2009


I meant to get this up yesterday and also finish the post in my draft section but I fell asleep very early after this busy week of early morning and long days. I will get the post up shortly so you will have to scroll down past this one to read that post waiting to be finished. I can't do it now as I am going to put this questionnaire here and lie down. I have a raging headache and sore upper back and neck.

My Cocoa Swap 2 Questionnaire

The Yarn…

1. Do you knit, crochet, or do both?
I mainly knit. I do crochet but only granny squares but I did do that Hat of Horns from Anticraft (see my ravelry project page for a photo) for a Hat Swap my partner wanted. I had to have instructions to learn how to crochet the horns. I am not good at shaping so I stick to knitting.

2. What is your favorite one-skein project? What item do you find you knit the most of?
Socks and shawls using one skein, even the odd scarf but you can’t use as many scarves as you can socks or shawls. One can never have too many pair of socks. What I knit the most of is socks, totes and bags, shawls and now I am learning how to read charts but not difficult ones yet, I can soon add lace shawls. I am still learning so the charts still remain fairly simple. I also like to knit toys and whimsies (odd things, food, funny silly things (toilet paper rolls) etc. I do tend to give most of what I knit away though.

3. Do you like using a particular type of needle or hook? (wood, metal, straight, circular) Is there something you’ve been wanting to try, or a particular size you always seem to be short on?
I like my Denise Needles for knitting in the round and as straights. Using round for LONG straights is easier on the hands and arms. Occasionally, I use short straights. I seem to be missing my #10 Denise tips though and would one day like a second set of Denises and more #8 tips. I use them a lot and have to pull them off started projects. Actually the smaller tips are all used a lot and that is why a second set would be great. WOW and now they have PINK Denises. I like wood DPNs around 6” but sometimes when I am knitting something that has only 4 or 6 stitches to start with the 5” DPNs come in very handy even if they snap easily. I find there is less slippage using the wooden ones. I have one set of Knit Picks Harmony in a 2.5mm so I need more of those. One day maybe I can get the set of Harmony DPNs. I do use the metal ones when I need it to slip easier. So one day I may donate my long metal straights but I will need help to do that b/c I seem to hang on to everything as you never know when it will come in handy. I am debating if I want a set of Knit Picks Options, also.

4. What’s on your needles\hook right now? What’s your oldest UFO (unfinished object)?
I just started a hat from a Lousia Harding magazine which I purchased the yarn for early last year some time. I also cast on a pair of socks using my new Flat Feet I got myself for Christmas in the Jane’s Hedgerow Socks pattern By Jane Cochran. I will be casting on shortly for my whoduknit Santa Cruise project and also for my partner’s Blah Buddy Buster. I have two ideas so far. I am only NOT sure is one is the correct idea but I think it would be fun. Also, I picked up yarn to knit my friend the hat she asked me to make her called Frivol (in my ravelry project page). Finger in throat GAG due to all those bobbles (that remind me of tumors) but since she is my friend I will knit it for her but in a color I can handle. AND I still have my cat hoodie on my needles without the tips only I need to figure out how to adjust the pattern for Solara’s size and she is twice or there about what the pattern calls for. I am up to the armholes or should it be paw holes. AND there are a few others WIP.

5. What are your favorite types of yarns? Are you allergic to any yarns, or just hate working with something? Anything type/brand of yarn you’ve been dying to try?
I really don’t like PHENTEX. The kind that knits those never dying slippers. I do use acrylic for some things but rather have very soft superwash wool to knit those same items. Nothing I get goes to waste. If it is something I don’t like I pass it on especially acrylics in ORANGES, YELLOWS, DULL GREENS, BROWNS or autumn colors to a friend who despite NOT liking those colors will crochet them into hats to donate. I don’t give her the wools though (she is allergic to wool) and would find some other use for them. I love soft cashmere and alpaca yarn, sock and lace weight yarns. I also like super soft wool and wool that can be used in felting since I love to felt things. I do use eyelash yarn and have a hugh clear plastic bag of it. I find some people still like eyelash scarves and it is great in bags and as a trim. I LOVE yarns with STUFF in it such as beads, sequins and other things (see Material Whirled) and have the book Intertwined. I love Tillie Thomas yarns. I don’t have any STR (Socks That Rock) sock yarn yet. I love yarns from indie dyers and one of a kind yarns. I also like cottons. I am not allergic to any wools but do not like scratchy wools and can’t wear them.

7. What are your favorite colors? Brights? Pastels? More muted colors? Variegated? Are there that make you want to stab yourself in the eye with your needles?
UGH!!! I don’t care for YELLOWS, ORANGES but a pale coral is okay, BROWN but if it is a deep rich brown mixed with PINK that is a different story. I also don’t care for autumn colors. I do not really have a use for neon colors either. Pastels, dark, light, variegated in PINK, red, purple, blue, are wonderful. Teal is nice and dark green, leaf green but not olive green. I like black and white and even grey. So when it comes to autumn and Halloween swaps I like to stick to black and white (bats, ghost and angels) NOT orange pumpkins LOL

8. What is your favorite knit accessory, your fancy needles? stitch markers? your yarn cutter? What do you have TOO many of? What do you wish you had?
I am NOT sure I have a favorite. I do have a few favorite stitch markers of all I received in swaps. I love my Chibi and gold darning needle with the bent tip. I love tape measures and now have so many I store them in their own plastic bag. Who knew there were so many different tape measures? Not only do I have a white sheep measure but a black sheep too. I can always use more row counters, the clicky click kind and the kind that hang on the neck. I also can always use more stitch markers which I should learn to make since I have all the things needed to so do. I especially need some for size 3.25mm 3.75mm needles. I would love to have a ball winder and swiff also. I also wish I had a spinning wheel. I have wanted one ever since I can remember which is decades now. They are just soooo expensive. I have tried to use a spindle but can't get the knack of it. I did know how to use a spindle at one time but I was in my early 20's then and leaned b/c even then I couldn't afford an actual spinning wheel.

The Chocolate

1. Do you prefer boxed/packets, or something homemade?
I have never had homemade. I love all of it.

2. Marshmallows or whipped cream?

3. Do you use any ‘add ins’
Just marshmallows

4. Are you a year round cocoa drinker or just in the winter months?
Mainly in the winter but if it is cool inside due to air conditioning than a hot chocolate can hit the spot.

5. Do you like flavored cocoas or are you just a ’straight chocolate’ kind of person?
NO IRISH CREAM! If it flavored I love MINT. HMMM YUM!

6. Do you enjoy cocoa from restaurants or shops like Starbucks? What are some of your favorites?
I loved loved loved the Starbucks new cocoa they came out with earlier this winter with the variety of flavors of cocoa, whipped topping and then the salt. BOY was that good. I also like frozen hot chocolate. Second Cup a local coffee shop used to sell that. It was the same as regular hot cocoa but they then mixed it up with ice and frapped it. It tasted just like hot chocolate but was cold and thick and you drank it with a straw.

7. You’ve just made the perfect cup of cocoa - is it in a thick mug, or a thinner cup? Where would you sit to drink it?
It is a mug and I sit on the couch with the TV on, a book and or knitting.

8. You’re enjoying that perfect cup, what treats will you enjoy with it? Are they sweet or salty? Crunchy? Soft and flaky?
Something not overly rich as the cocoa is rich in itself. NOT that I don’t like cookies and cake and biscotti. Cake and ice-cream are my down fall.

It’s all YOU!

1. Do you have other hobbies like spinning or scrapbooking?
I sew. I like to sew quilts, children’s clothes and bags. I read. I like mysteries. I have a cross stitch project started which maybe one day I will finish. It is the eyes now that I don’t see close up well after my cataract surgery several years ago but boy can I see far away. Before the surgery it was the opposite. At one time I did all kinds of crafts and who knows what the future will bring. I have a small garden area now and I always loved to garden. I can’t wait to get back to it again in my new place. I love my computer. I love cooking and baking and would love to cater and take a culinary course.

2. Do you collect anything?
YES, yarn, fabric, magazines, books (knitting, cooking, baking, and mysteries). I am a textile junkie. I have a few sheep I have been given on my stereo. I also have some cat items, angels, fairies and fancy tassels but they are all still put away since I have no place to display them anymore.

3. What is your favorite part of Winter?
How about knowing it will be over eventually? I love looking at the pretty scenes from my window. It looks like a winter wonderland sometimes. I definitely do not like the cold, the ice and the tons of snow when I am out in it. Sitting in front of a fireplace would also be nice.

4. What sort of scents do you enjoy? Any difference in what you like for your house versus what you like for your body?
My new favorite is Karma from the shop LUSH. I just got a new body cream and have the perfume. I also love Sandalwood from the Body shop and they can put the oil in creams and lotions and make other things with it since it only comes in oil. I like lavender. I can’t put oil on my body. I am an Avon rep.

5. Are you allergic to anything?
WASPS but I doubt I will receive that. I abhor LICORICE the black stuff. I have been told it was an acquired taste. I am lacking the gene to enjoy it so I never acquired the taste for it. I also don’t care for anise or fennel since it has the same flavor or taste as black licorice.

6. Are you on Ravelry? What’s your ID?
I am on ravelry. I am pennala.

7. How would you spend an ideal winter afternoon/day?
Knitting with some nice music on or the TV or with company also knitting and having something nice to drink.

8. What’s your favorite animal?
Cats and kitties, of course.


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

. What’s your favorite animal?
Cats and kitties, of course. Me too Hugs Darcy

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I loved reading your questionairre.I to like using my Denises the best and most times for straight needle projects because they are easier on your hands and wrists. I am also trying to learn how to read charts but not difficult ones yet.Hugs Darcy