Monday, January 12, 2009


Boy I hope writing this blog is easier as the last was difficult. I would write and write and then have to wait for it to appear. It doesn't seem to be doing that now PHEW!!!!!

Knitting Goodness

It is time to acknowledge a couple of swaps I received after Christmas.

I received my third of four packages from Allison in the weluvknitting group on yahoo. The reason it arrived late was despite having the correct numbers of my address they weren't in the correct order so my package sat in the postal office somewhere from Dec 22 to Dec 29. BUT it eventually arrived intact.

She sent me a lovely assortment of goodies.
This is a very cute knitting kit. It has mostly easy simple patterns. I found one for a mouse I would like to knit for Solara and fill with Catnip for her. Her birthday is coming up soon and I could get if finished for her by then. HMMM I may even get her hoodie done by then also.
This is information about where Allison lives. As part of the swap each package is to contain something local. For this package I sent Allison some homemade shortbread. I figured you couldn't get more local than right out of my oven.
Allison made me this little sewing basket ornament.
Here is another ornament I received from Allison.
You can't send a package without candy especially around Christmas holidays.
AND what would a swap package be without yarn. I love love the color. Of course, it is pink. I have purchased some roving so I can make a pair of thrummed mittens with this yarn. First I got some deep blue but on my next visit to Mona's I was able to get some deep rose which looks better. I didn't see it the first time and wasn't sure if I wanted the blue or white which I didn't purchase. I had planned to get white until one of the girls who found the deep rose decided she wasn't going to purchase it and said I could. Actually, the girls are doing a thummed mitten KAL now at Mona's. I made a pair for a friend a couple years ago. I need a pair since I have to hoof it and bus it not having a car and it has been downright frigid outside recently.
All in all this was a very lovely package

Then I received my lovetoknitdishcloths Christmas grab bag from Noreen and funny there was a problem with this package also. It went back to her to be mailed again and she isn't sure why. She thought maybe it wasn't taped enough??? Both of these gals also live in Canada so packages that should have only taken 2 days and 4 days max took a couple of weeks.

Here is all the goodies she sent me.
Here they are individually for clearer viewing. Some Red Heart, Heart and Sole with Aloe sock yarn which I saw at Mona's and wanted. It is even the the same colorway I wanted from Mona's shop.
It is a dishcloth group swap and here is the luscious cotton yarn. You can't get this here and it has to be ordered from the states. The closest we get here is Sugar and Cream but it has to be ordered from Mary Maxim.
Of course, some candy.
A wonderful book that teaches how to knit two socks on two cirs.
Look at these stitch markers. There are 13 of them. I really need to learn how to make them myself.
A close up of the stitch markers.
Yes this was another lovely swap package. Thank-you Allison and Noreen for your generosity and wonderful packages.

AND to think there are two more on the way to me as I type. One is my addictedtoknit dishcloth Christmas swap coming from England. It should be here this week if what Malgosia was told when she mailed it is correct, that it would take only 13 - 14 days. I was told mine to her would only take 6 - 10 days as it was mailed via "air" but took a month. AND in this package is NOT only her swap to me but also some yarn I ordered and had sent to her. So I am doubly excited to get this package. There is also my SP13 #1 package which I haven't gotten yet either. I don't know if it is on the way but I would think so unless instead of three packages I am getting two. We are no longer allowed to send only one very large package. I know my secret pal has received her first package.

The other swaps I am in aren't due to be sent for quite a while yet. One involves a hand made item but I can't put it here in case my pal figures out who I am. This is a secret swap. It is the Ravelry Color Swap 2 and my hand made item is completed. I have ideas how to do it differently if I do it again. I have had lots of compliments on it already the way it is but I am just NOT to sure if I would do it the same way again.

I am also in the Ravelry Coffee, Chocolate and Yarn Swap 3 (not secret)and the Cocoa Swap 2 (secret). There is a handmade item in this one also but it is a blah buddy buster. In other words, a toy to help with the winter blahs. I have an idea but I am not sure if it exactly what is expected. I may have to check with the hostess of the group and see if it is an okay item to make.

What did I knit before, during and over the holidays?
I knit two identical pairs of Mrs. Beeton wristlets. One was for Malgosia in England to match the Avon shawl/scarf I also sent her and one was for Paula's Christmas gift. She has the same Avon shawl/scarf.
I knit a pair of Fetching in Merino and Possum for Vickie.
I knit Lisa Hat for Jennet.

I also knit two dishcloths, one for each of the dishcloth groups I am in that I sent swap packages to. The blue, white and lilac went to Malgosia (addictedtoknitdishcloths) and the red, green and white to Tracy (lovetoknitdishcloths). No I didn't send to Noreen. These are very easy and quick to knit up and look so nice.
What is on my needles now will be another blog post. The photos are still in the camera and need to be uploaded to the computer.

So now it is 2009 and we need a review of last year's news. I hope you enjoy this.

A few photos of Solara for those of you following her antics.

Here she is in a the Christmas box from Noreen.

Now here she is after she discovered that little wax spot. Did you think she wouldn't notice it?
AND here is another interesting video for you cat lovers.

Come back to visit my blog as I will have an interesting post on how Solara helps me with my Avon shortly. It will feature lots of photos of the "Princess".


noricum said...

I love the dishcloths you knit!

I'm pretty sure that Leona's has Sugar and Cream. (She did the last time I was there, although that was quite a while ago.)

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I love your Mrs. Beeton wristlets they are gorgeous:)Hugs Darcy

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely lovely package! The Mrs. Beeton wristlets are in my queue.. and look like such a lovely project... (runs to queue to check on it)... :-)