Wednesday, January 14, 2009


BUT despite it being frickin' freezing out I had to go and drop off Avon brochures this afternoon after all they are dated Friday and the order goes in Sunday. I waited until afternoon as this morning it was -38C and with the windchill-49C which would be about -56F NOT that I was up that early as to go out then or stupid enough to. It has warmed up slightly.
It is now ONLY -27C (-16.6F) and with the windchill -37C
(-34.6F). I was wearing cotton velour pants, long johns, leggings and wind pants on the top of it all. I had my snow goose jacket, hoodie, heavy red scarf which turned white after being out only a short while, gloves (three pair), boots and I could still feel the cold. B/C I was walking it wasn't as bad as if I was standing still. The little bit of my face showing was frozen. It was done within an hour and I came back into the warm house to a whining "Princess" who should only know how cold it out there. My snow goose jacket which is meant for temperatures of -40C is very heavy due to all the down. I would have never believed a jacket could be that heavy. It has a hood with fur (ruined by the cleaners) that when is zipped covers most of my face. I didn't wear my like Sorrel boots as I find it very difficult to walk with them and my jacket on together.

Ah yes Avon. When it is delivered every other Thursday it is like Christmas and I love it. Avon gets me out and I meet people and I love most of the products yet at the same time I sometimes think it is the bane of my existence ("....something that may profoundly annoy us but is certainly bearable" and yet fun?????... "Bane of my existence" is now almost always used in a semi-jocular, "what are you gonna do?" sense. This explanation is from google of what is the origin of "Bane of my existence"). Avon comes way to late when I have a lot of orders to pack, there are too many shortages and repeated shortages, items NO LONGER AVAILABLE, to little time to get the orders delivered, money in the bank to get the next order and new brochures out. BUT give it up I really doubt it. It has become part of my life.

Now what am I going to do since one of the local knitting groups is having a weekend retreat in March. Can I go? Do I want to go? Will I be able to go? I want to go but not sure if I can swing it at about $250. I still need to purchase my washing machine which I am saving for. I am leery with my medical situation and my poor sleeping habits. Then YUP Avon arrives on the Thursday of the retreat. I try to get my deliveries out on Friday and the Monday and Tuesday following. The money has to be in the bank by the Thursday after it arrives unless a Monday is a holiday than all that is changed and the times are shortened and that is because I do it online. If I was dropping off my order and money it would ALL have to be done by the Tuesday after the order arrives). I guess if I could round up the money, not worry about my medical issues and sleeping problems I might be able to get my Avon delivered elsewhere and pick it up after I get home on Sunday. HMMMMMMM!!!!!!

I guess this makes a good segway into those Avon brochures and deliveries. It isn't that I don't have help. I have a supervisor to watch what I do and make sure I do it all correctly. She doesn't actually lift a paw to help just watches checks and supervises.

First the brochures have to be labeled. I print up labels on the computer and then take them to the table downstairs to stick them on all the brochures which by the way I pay for. There are very few freebies from Avon.

Check out the photos to see my supervisor.

Here she is saying, "Come on mom, I am ready to help get these brochures labeled".
"What is it you want me to do now", says Solara, my helper.
I can hear her thinking, "Don't forget you have to do some of the work also, I am not going to do it all".
Once the brochures are labeled it is time to unpack the boxes and sort them. Things in the boxes are all mixed up.

I take out all the cosmetic, toiletries and fragrances and separate them from the "other" items.
I will sort them and put like items together for ease of packing orders but first Solara has to check out the boxes to make sure they are acceptable.

AND once I start sorting the items Solara will come and inspect to make sure I am doing it correctly and everything meets her satisfaction.

When it comes to the packing the smaller make-up and jewelry items Solara assists me by letting me know which I need to get from the assortment on the table to put in the customer's bag.

Yes Solara is a mighty helpful supervisor AND I don't know what I would do with her help.
Now that this blog is ready to post the temperature has warmed up quite a bit. It is -6C which converts to +21.2F. Despite it being warmer and our blood being "thick" due all our cold weather, I don't think it is warm enough to wear shorts while walking the dog. I can't believe my girlfriend Genie said she saw a guy in the complex walking his dog in just a pair of short!!!!

The next blog post will feature what I am knitting now that I am able to show. AND for those who want to get a head start on next Christmas, some photos of ornaments I have made over the past few years.

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