Sunday, November 2, 2008


With Halloween coming up this Friday, tell us what you think of when you think Halloween! Do you love it? Hate it? See it as a sign of Fall? Are you a total sucker for candy and little kids in cute costumes?
This was my first time in ages in giving out candies to all the little ghosts and goblins knocking on my door. I just loved giving out all the candies to the trick and treaters who came to my door and I loved seeing all their costumes. I waited until after Halloween in case I had some cute photos to share and I do. First of all my Solara dressed up as an elephant thanks to her auntie Janice. She didn't mind when I tried her hat on her on Wednesday.
BUT when Halloween rolled around and she actually had to wear her elephant hat costume this is the result.

If she wasn't on the card table like this she was on the floor like this. When I picked her up for the ghosts and goblins to see and pet she was fine, letting them pet her but once I put her down she hung her head down. She definitely wasn't impressed with having to wear her elephant hat costume.
I did manage to take a couple of photos. This first photo is my neighbor's daughter and granddaughter. She is four months and was a pumpkin.
I don't know who this is but it is original.
I even decorated my window. I hope to have more decorations next year. I wasn't even sure I was going to get lights since they were on sale but when I went to Canadian Tire they NOT only were on sale BUT on clearance. Each box of 10 pumpkin lights cost only $2.43. I purchased three boxes. I would like to get the pumpkin lights you can stake into the ground next year. I found the blue mat at Dollarama and even though it was only a dollar I didn't want to walk on it so I put it in the window. Solara even checked out the boxes the lights came in and she seemed to think it was a good fit for her as she was in there most of Thursday evening the night before Halloween.

In front of the door on the trolley that held the candies I gave out sat my singing cat I got from Avon a year or two ago. When you press the cat's paw it sings Black Magic Woman and the eyes blink on and off, the tail moves and the pumpkin by its side has eyes which also blink on and off. I have to say that it was a big hit with all the trick or treaters who visited my house. I had 121 visitors. Most were in groups and most were accompanied my parents or older siblings. Even some of the chaperones were dressed up. The weather was wonderful, the children were polite and in just an hour and a half it was all over.

I haven't done a lot of knitting b/c I haven't been feeling that great. In addition to the cold I have had all week which I think is slowly going away my left eye is now all red. I don't think it is from coughing as the coughing I have been doing is NOT that hard so I think it could be from blowing my nose or rubbing my dripping eye. My vision is just fine. No I haven't been to the doctor. This happened another time and it was the same eye. The end result was over a period of time the blood was reabsorbed and my eye went back to normal with no lingering problems. I am sure it is the same as the last time.

BUT I did finish the one leg of TLL Socktoberfest Mystery Sock KAL which can be found in ravelry groups. Thus, I am half finished with clue #2. I have also restarted my project for my Ravelry Starbucks Swap. I am also back working on my Cavendish Serape Shawl. Solara really enjoys resting on it.
I will put it on my ravelry project page as soon as I get the close up photos from the camera in the computer.

Now I know people are always asking for me to show a photo of myself. AND I agree it is nice to know what someone looks like you correspond with or whose blog you read. I know I have a sparkly personality and here is a photo I took of myself to prove it.
Or did I break the camera? Even if I didn't break the camera taking my photo you wouldn't get to see my PINK hair as there is very little left and since I totally decolored my hair prior to putting the PINK in it, there isn't even any brown or black except for the roots. It is some disgusting yellowy blond color with smidgens of pink in the front that haven't faded yet. So you will just have to use your imagination and the photo above. HEE HEE


Solara's Aunty Janice said...

I think Solara Sprinkles Sparkles is glad Halloween only comes once a year. She does look cute tho'!! Maybe next year a different costume???

Anonymous said...

Love your cute little kitty! Maybe I'll send some swap spoilin for her as well! Looking forward to getting a package out to you...soon hopefully if I can get my act together! ;)

-Your Secret Swap Spoiler :)