Monday, November 24, 2008


****** OH DEAR*****
This post has been in my draft waiting to be completed for a very very long time and I do apologise. I am now working on a new post which should go up shortly.

In the meantime I have done a Hilltop study using the money to pay my VISA bill. Once that was done I was able to order some most luscious yarn which I will tell you about in the next post. AND again am not feeling great. I have another cold this time with a cough, sore throat and no voice. I thought I had a cold before Halloween and just before my FLU shot. What the heck is going on? It is Tuesday and a knit night at Mona's but I won't go as I don't want to pass this on and I feel like, you know what.

Last week (well check the date of this post to see when last week was) I received my Ravelry Color Swap package all the way from England. What a wonderful package it was. Did I hear you ask what the color was? MY MY What color do you think? PINK, of course. Look at all the goodies I got.

This what I saw when I took the lid of the box off.
AND then I took all the gifties out of the box.
AND then I opened all those pink packages to reveal this.
AND here are some close ups.

This first yarn is to "dye" for. My partner Michele first dyed some white tencell a rose pink using dyes by Omega. She then carded it with some angora from her friend's bunnies and finally added a strand of pink lurex when she spun it. You really can't see how nice it is or the sparkle in the yarn. As you can see she even sent me the yarn knit into a tiny swatch.
More pink goodness included: this pink roving,
pink mohair and there was other pink mohair in my box,

pink rayon yarn that Michele also dyed for me using Omega dyes,
a skein of Paton's Cotton Pearl in what other color than PINK,
AND this most lovely PINK and grey Colinette ribbon yarn.
I also received this cute little felted pin.
There was also other little pieces of yarns, pink buttons, a couple of pink beads, a beautiful pink heart, some very delicious tea (Michele's favorite), pink tacks, a piece of sheer pink ribbon and some pink material from her wedding dress which I will be able to use as a lining for a bag. There was even a package for Solara and the part of the container of her treat was also PINK.
Last but not least was a lovely book Knitting New Mittens and Gloves I had been eyeing for quite a while but didn't put it on my wish list.
I do want to leave you with a photo of Solara. Here she is checking out the big bag I knit two times as the felting came out awful the first time and I do know why. There is another photo of Solara checking out the bag post felting. She approved the bag as she promptly went to sleep inside it.

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Anonymous said...

Penny, this looks like a great swap present! Have you received your Autumn coffee and yarn swap package yet? I ask bc I am your secret pal and I sent it on December 1st. You should have it any day now if you don't already! I hope you enjoy all of the enclosed goodies! Happy Swapping :)
-your secret pal