Sunday, October 26, 2008


Today I will start with knitting goodness

I wanted to post this earlier but I got a bit busy and then on Friday I wasn't feeling good. It felt like someone was squeezing my insides the cramps were soooooo bad. I took a Gravol (Dramamine for you in the states) which relaxes smooth muscles which ended up making me very sleepy. I guess that was good. I also took my cocktail of pills for when that happens Reactine, Rinitidine [sp] and predisone). I have something called angioedema which affects my face the left side mainly and my gut causing them to swell. Some uncommon thing which they figure they know what it is as I have all the indicators for it and they CAN'T find it on the known gene. If they found it on the known gene it would be a different kind of angioedema. So I slept most of Friday away.

Then Saturday I planned to plant my tulips but it rained and that ended that idea. So I knitted and had some company from a neighbor. Now it is Sunday and I figured it was time to post.

Knitting Goodness

YUP my Whoduknit Halloween Swap package arrived from Maureen who lives in Calgary. What did I receive?

I got a lovely skein of Patons Classic Wool in rich red tweed which looks more rust colored. It is a very lovely color and this photo just doesn't do it justice.
I also received a full pound of Red Heart Orange Acrylic yarn. I guess this the trick Maureen sent me since I am not a fan of orange. Orange just doesn't look good on me. I can wear salmon if it has a lot of pink in it. I am not crazy about knitting with this color even when I have to for a swap but I do if I must. I received four wonderful books I look forward to reading. It is really great when you receive books you haven't read yet. AND no Maureen I certainly don't mind that you sent USED books. I send USED books also. AND in this group sending used books is perfectly acceptable. I pass a lot of books I read on. In case you can't read the titles they are.

1. Beware the Mummy's Curse The Jewel of Seven Stars by Bram Stoker

2. Ten Great Mysteries by Edgar Allan Poe There are many timeless short stores in this book I am sure I have read these many many many years ago but these are the kind of great short stories that can be read over and over again.

3. The Turn of the Screw and Other Stories by Henry James

4. Wordsworth Classics M.R. James Collected Ghost Stories I also received a lovely pattern for a cabled Beret. Check out the cabled design on it. It can be found on Ravelry.
Last BUT not least I received "EYEBALLS". Isn't it funny how some photos can come out really great and others don't. They are actually candies or were candies since they have all been eaten BUT I have absolutely perfect vision now.
Again Thank-You Maureen for the lovely gifts and yes even the very large ball orange yarn that I am not exactly sure what I am going to do with it. That sure is one big ball of orange yarn.
My swap has gone out and should be arriving very soon. LOL

I have been busy knitting and finally finished my Clapotis Shawl.
Close up of the shawl.
Solara was guarding it while it was being blocked.
It is covered because she has a thing for pins!!!. She managed to get one out and I had to chase her around the kitchen and hall with her running all over the shawl but she did drop the pin. PHEW!!! Solara also likes twist ties and rubber bands.

I was very disappointed while knitting the shawl as it was piling something awful. Now that is it blocked I don't see the piling as much. I am going to look really closely at it. It is knit with Handmaiden Sea Silk and that is expensive yarn even when on sale. It was so much fun to drop all those stitches!!!

I also finished Clue #1 (30 rows) on the MS4 KAL finally. For a while I wasn't sure if I ever was. So now it is on to Clue #2.

I also finished the first clue on the Through the Loops Socktoberfest Mystery Sock KAL. Another KAL where I will have to follow a chart only this one has a cable pattern in it also. I am knitting these socks with Cherry Tree Hill colorway Moody Blues I received in a swap quite a while ago.

The reason it has taken me so long to complete these first two clues is b/c I have been knitting on projects with deadlines. I finished my Big Bag for my Big Bag KAL and Swap partner and have shipped it. I can't show what it looks like as we are not secret partners so once it has been received I will post photos here and on my Ravelry project page. I also have completed my project for my Ravelry Color Swap partner but being it is a color swap I won't show any photos until sometime in November after it is received as I don't know how many people have the same color choice. I don't want to give anything away. I also finished a project for my Ravelry Starbucks swap partner but have to redo it. I don't like how it came out. So any of you who do read my blog and know what it is SHHHHHHHH.

I had hoped to try and get some sewing done today but I think since it is time for dinner I will just knit after I have eaten. I am going to work on my Noro Cavendish (Shawl) knit project and think about finishing a project to go south that has for some unknown reason become a UFO and all it needs is the lining and handle.

Later tonight I have to submit my Avon order online along with returns, exchanges and demos. That I will start at about 9PM as I am still waiting for one order to come in.

I am going to end with a funny you tube video. I hope you enjoy it.


BellyWoman's Rant said...

That Mrs Hughes is hysterical! Just a question, do you like Red Heart or acrylic or is it just the orange? As your swappy, I'm starting to get frightened! I detest all three!

Penny said...

I am not a fan of oranges, yellows, some greens (those autumn type shades). Mixed with other colors it would be okay I guess. I have more than enough acrylic and am do not use acrylic and Red Heart stuff anymore. If I need it I can go to Michaels and purchase it. I have become somewhat of a yarn snob liking the nicer yarns now. So if I don't ever get anymore acrylic I won't cry.