Tuesday, October 7, 2008


What a mail day Monday (yesterday) was.

When I got up and checked my mailbox in the morning there was NO mail for me. BOO HOO. I am a mail decoy. Part of why I love doing my decoy mail is that most days there will always be something in my mailbox and I make a few cents doing decoy mail. BUT there was no mail to be seen in my lonely mailbox. Not even any decoy mail. My mail in my new place comes quite early or used to come early. It seems where I live the mail ends up arriving late in the afternoon even if it was early before I lived there. I wonder if it is me??? Later about noon I had to check again just in case there was something for me and YES there was. I am glad I checked when I did as it was raining and my envelope was getting wet. I received my 2009 Dishcloth Calendar. This is the third year in a row I have gotten this calendar. It has wonderful patterns.

I also received some stitch markers since I ordered a "hard" copy of the calendar. Aren't they lovely.
This was the "special" stitch marker included because the calendar was sent from Las Vega.
Time passed and I was busy getting ready to go out and deliver Avon, drop off brochures, go to Michaels, fill a gallon jug with water and then lastly stop in at my Avon meeting for C#22, #23, #24, #25 before heading home when the door bell rang. Down the stairs I went, ran, almost fell and who was at my door but the postman in the truck with a package for me. I was so excited. I even had time to rip into it before I left and when I got home I took photos. I now have time to post what I received.

It was from my Big Bag KAL & Swap pal Stephanie. She wrote on Raverly she mailed it and couldn't understand why it should take until the end of the this week for me to get it when she mailed it Sept 30 from not an eight hour drive away. BUT it came in the beginning of the week (Monday) and only took a week to get here which isn't bad. Wait until you see all the pressies I got. MY OH MY I am in shock at all the lovely treats. There were so many she couldn't fit them all in the bag itself and had to put them in the box in the sides.
Here is Solara checking out my new felted BIG BAG while sitting in her felted bed she has decided to use again. Isn't my bag just fabulous and it is oh so me!!!
Look at all these gifts I got. OH WOW. Can you see a theme here?
Solara is making sure my bag is acceptable since she is the connoisseur of felted items. She didn't want to get off it and go to her own felted bed so it must meet with approval.

I guess you want to know what was in all those packages. So here are the photos of all my "new" goodies.
Here is what they all are.
A skein of Glow in the Dark yarn in pink, of course. I thought of getting this for Halloween. Now I am glad I didn't since it was gifted to me.
A skein of Lamb's Pride wool in pinks, what other color did you think it would be. I can't get this yarn here and have to order online if I want it. I love the labels Lamb's Pride uses on their yarns also.
A skein of Paton's SWS in once again PINK variegated. I have some blue SWS but NO pinks!! Now I do.
A little box with large and small paper clips, push pins in pinks and purples and a tape measure mini note pad. A small empty craft container. A pouch with all kinds of neat sewing accessories. Definitely these will all come in handy.
Of course, there is chocolate. AND is it ever good. There is actually a little left. Between the ice-cream and candy you should see the size of me with my pink hair. BUT I have to admit I made a young girl smile today when she saw my hair. It is also amazing what the young guys say too.
An insulated glass with a straw for cold drinks. BUT the best part of this of this cup is it is a NON SWEAT cup. I love these cups. They are the best. At one time I had them some for everyday household use but I no longer know where they are.
Look at this a lighted crochet hook. How lucky can I be. There is also jewelled tape measure in what other color than pink, the cutest little crochet hook and a needle, stitch counter guide.
Next I received a small pouch with a matching note pad holder, a portable mirror (regular and magnifying) and a little holder for I think small maybe darning needles. Any other ideas what this is for? DUH it is a card holder for and I can put my bus pass it in.
The cutest notepad and a magnetic chess set. I haven't played chess in decades. No better say ages as that doesn't make me sound as old. HEE HEE
I certainly hope I didn't miss anything.

My Big Bag is finished and I think the bottom is dry. The bottom on mine is thicker as I use a different stitch for the bottom to make it firmer. I can't show any photos since it is a gift and I don't want to give anything away. I hope my partner likes her bag as much as I liked my bag which is so very much me. I am in the process of gathering goodies to put in the bag but one item is on order. I hope it arrives in time so I can include in in her bag.

This swap was a lot of fun. I have plans to make more of these bags. They are very easy. AND when felted in my friend's washing machine it only took one cycle to felt it to the size I wanted. They just take a while to dry even after a few minutes in the dryer to get the excess water out.

As for my swaps, I am also busy working on my Ravelry Coffee, Chocolate and Yarn swap which actually is ready to mail out, my Ravely Starbucks Coffee and yarn swap and my Raverly Color Swap. HMM I wonder if anyone knows what I put down for my favorite color. HEE HEE The Raverly Starbucks Swap and the Raverly Color Swap both have a knitted component to them. I have also signed up for the Amazing Autumn Coffee Swap but we won't get partners until next week. AND soon the new Monkey Sock Swap should begin but we may not necessarily be knitting Monkey Socks. These coffee swaps are coming at a good time as all my good coffees are gone.

Solara is busy sleeping in "her" felted bed. she was sleeping on my Ruby Tulips black bag I knit and felt. It will be black and other colors when I finally have knitted and felted the flowers and stems for it.

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Team Knit ! said...

What a great haul! It must have been so fun to open all those goodies.

- Julie