Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Sunday evening September 28 as I was going to my girlfriend Paula's for dinner I noticed a package in my mail box. It was from my secret pal. I certainly don't remember the door bell ringing. I couldn't wait to open it up BUT, alas, I was on my way to catch a bus so it was going to have to wait until after I got home and got my Avon order submitted.

Now over two weeks since I have started this post I am going to finally be able to finish it, My secret pal is Ruby from Quebec. Remember the lovely Flat Feet Sock Yarn and that most gorgeous Tilli Thomas Yarn? Well it is Ruby who sent it to me. At one point she apologised for signing her name in her email. I told her I hadn't noticed and so I wasn't going to go back and look at it to see who she was. When I found out who she was it dawned on me all her emails came from Ruby. BUT DUH!!! I thought Ruby was her secret name like Emerald, Diamond and such. LOL

What a lovely final and reveal package she sent me.

I got some of the treasured Wollmeise yarn in a most luscious shades of blues and purples. There is 574 yd on a 100 gm skein. I do have a red skein of it also now so I am doubly lucky to be the owner of this yarn. I didn't realise it was only available on Fridays online and you never know when it will be released. It must be a real coux to get it and I am so lucky to have received two skeins from two different swap buddies. This photo certainly doesn't do it justice.
I also received the most adorable cards. Each with a handmade mini knit item on it and one with a sheep on the card. It will be hard to use them and part with them which I will do except for the one with the sheep on it. That one I am keeping for myself. Ruby did you make these yourself. I purchased a book that had mini patterns in it so I could do just this myself and maybe one day I will.
Ruby also sent me the largest note pad I have ever seen. It comes with a pen and has cats on the cover and cat paw prints on the pages inside.
The inside of my new note pad.
The last item Ruby sent was a cat tape measure which I just love.
AND what did Solara thought of all these lovely gifts? See for yourself.

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