Monday, September 15, 2008


Way back in the beginning of the summer I ordered something for a friend's birthday. I tried to have it sent to her on the order form but there wasn't a way to do that. I emailed the people and they responded after the second email. I was asked to send the address I wanted it sent to immediately as since I was ordering from Canada there wasn't a way for me to do it on the order form????? I never heard back from them.

In August the gift had NOT been received so I started trying to contact them with NO results. Then a couple of weeks ago I tried to get in contact with them via AOL IM. I finally after 10 days got an IM message back asking for more information which I sent but again no response. I told them I was going to contact VISA if I hadn't heard anything from them. So today (Sunday) I contacted VISA who said they would investigate and I would know in 7 - 10 days if I would get a credit on my statement. Guess who started IMing me this evening (Sunday)? I was told they sent me emails and IMs. Maybe they did BUT NOT to me. They also told me they sent out said item Aug 7 or Aug 8. OH and guess where they sent it? Not to the address I requested them to BUT to me. The IM today said they made a mistake. I haven't received it either. The IM message said a lot of the stuff they send gets lost when it comes up to Canada???? Is our postal system that bad? So maybe it isn't just me not getting packages but should I believe that? Another IM said they were sending me a refund to my paypal account which they did b/c paypal emailed me there is money in my account. I used VISA but now I have some money in my paypal account which now no longer has a zero balance. Then I got an IM asking if I would still like it sent as they would since a new shipment was coming in next week. There was no request for payment. They even agreed to send me a tracking number and they will send it to who I had asked to send it to originally. The address was confirmed in the IM. Another IM said they don't use tracking shipping to Canada. That is how I found out they didn't mail it to the proper address to start with. I have no idea where it is or if they really mailed it out. What do you think? I wonder how long it will take to get to its destination. So Pam be on the lookout for a package from a strange company you weren't expecting.

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