Monday, September 22, 2008


... who attended my open house party on Saturday Sept 20. I know I did even if I didn't sit and knit but gad about doing this and that. For all you who didn't come you missed a good time. The weather could have been warmer. It certainly was warmer the day before and the day after. Here are some photos from Saturday.

This first is Andrea.

Here is Donna and Ainsley. Donna doesn't knit but now is thinking of learning. She is Lori's sister. Ainsley is Camille's daughter and she does knit but hadn't for a while and didn't know to bring knitting so Nadine gave her an eyelash scarf to work on.
This is Helen and Janice. Helen didn't bring anything to knit either so she also was given someones knitting to work on while chatting. It too was a scarf. Janice came but she wasn't feeling too well.
Here is Janice again, Nadine and Kirsten
This is Lori, Donna's sister who also is thinking of learning to knit and Paula another friend who doesn't knit.
Here is Misty and Brenda. Brenda doesn't knit either. Brenda and a different Helen left before dinner so they came back to visit today and had yummy leftovers with me for dinner.
Here is shy Shelagh hiding showing her top she is working on from the new Creative Knitting magazine.
There were otherwho came but I didn't get photos of everyone.

We had lots of food to nosh on before dinner. We had three different type of wraps, chips, rice crackers, pretzel mix, cheese ball, chicken legs and more.

For diner there was a turkey with all the fixings,

assorted salads (pasta salad from Sobbey's, Mediterranean salad made with orzo, broccoli salad made by Jennet and an oriental salad made by Lori,
cabbage rolls,
and a casserole, cranberry compote, stuffing and sausage meat which I mainly use to flavor the turkey by stuffing it in the neck but it can be eaten as it is just beef.
I made brownies with no nuts and icing, brownies with nuts but no icing, rice pudding with sultanas and there was a drumstick cake and an apple cake. We never got to have tea or coffee. Soda and wine were the drinks of choice.

The red wine was the big problem. There was a hugh spill of it on my three month old off white berber carpet. Misty and a couple of the others worked diligently to try to get it out. It has faded somewhat but there is still a large brown stain on the carpet. Actually, there are two!!! Here is a photo of one with a mixture of 3:1 baking soda:water on it. You can see there is still more stain around the baking soda mixture.

I even got pressies. Not that I asked or expected any but they were a nice bonus.

I received lovely tulips bulbs from Anne who earlier when I first moved in gave me a lovely perennial plant which I put in the back garden area.

Helen also gave me tulips but very different ones and she also gave me some lovely bright yellow garden gloves.

Shelagh gave me a card with a promise of a pink rose bush that smells like a rose in the spring. I think I am going to have one beautiful garden next year.

I received two bottles of wine. I didn't take any photos of them and YES I still have them. There was also a bottle of wine left over from all that Misty brought over. Hers was a very nice tasting wine that she makes herself.

I received a lovely tea towel from Paula (from Avon which I ordered for her) saying Only Pampered Pets Live Here showing a photo of a cat on a throne being served by a butler. Paula says she has something else for me which is large and there were car problems getting to my place so I am to get it later.

From Karen I got a really neat address, note and calendar book. It was cat themed. I had everyone fill in their information in the address book under their first name which will NOT be shared. Of course, there have been a few people who filled in the address book their way listing information under their last name or just putting information on the first page no matter what their first name began with. LOL
I also received two lovely pillows from Lori and her sister Donna which they purchased at Home Sense. Check them out. They are pink and sparkly although I don't think you can see the sparkly part.

I received some very different coasters from Susan. You can put a photo inside the coaster. She also gave me a lovely red candle in a beveled holder.

While here Andrea thought it would be a good idea to destash yarn so she brought some and I added mine. Since I was the having the house warming party I got first dibs. Here is what I chose. A bag kit. Here is the front of the container. Here is the back of the container.
Here is a peak inside the top of the container. I see sparkly stuff!!!!
and some sock yarn.
Mona and Dorian gave me a gift certificate for Wolseley Wardrobe even though they weren't able to attend. WHOO HOO!!!! There are soooo many great things there to pick from. Wolseley Wardrobe is both a consignment shop and a yarn shop with some of the most luscious yarns. Mona also will order yarns, books or nicknacks for us when we find something we like. You can find her new web page here:

I hope you enjoyed my house warming open house party if you were there and even if you weren't able to attend by looking at the photos.

Keep checking back as I am presently working on two more entries which I hope to publish later tonight and it is now Sunday Sept 28 when I am finishing this one.

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Dotty said...

Wow! Looks like a great party! And you got some pretty nice gifts too.