Friday, July 11, 2008



Knitting Goodness

On Tuesday I received my first SP 12 package. I had planned to put a blog post in then BUT due to a headache I wasn't able to. In fact, I still have a headache but can't wait to post anymore. AND we have had rain, thunder and lightening. When that happens I still tend as I did in my old apartment to unplug my computer and put the plug and cord far far away. Well as far as I can get it. When I lived in Florida I lost a TV and microwave to an electrical storm and I don't want that to happen to again especially to my computer.

Anywho!!, back to my SP 12 first package. Here is what I saw when I opened the lid. Nice, eh
So what all is in those wrapped packages. First a baby skein of Opal. These are called minis. It is 10 gm and 41 meters. It will be great for toes and heels of a sock or for another baby sock should I need to knit one.

Then there are the cat goodies. There were cat napkins, and a notepad with holographic cat photo on the cover, and cat scrapbook stickers which I can use for cards.
Citrus Soak for washing my knitted items.
Flavored spoons for my morning coffee.

This is another cat napkin in the package. There was also a LARGE package of cat treats for Solara.
AND two cute lambs, mommy and daughter.
Then I got the best the absolute best sock yarn. I got FLAT FEET by co creations. Isn't it glorious? YUM YUM I have wanted some since I have heard about it. For those who haven't heard of it before, it is a blank that is dyed. Then you unravel it as you knit it. It is a surprise as to the pattern when you knit it up. You don't wind it into a skein. You just knit from the piece. You can cut the center and knit two socks at once if you like. It does need to be washed and blocked after you have finished knitting as the yarn can be curly when you unravel it and knit it. So it was great to receive the soak in the same package to wash my newly knit socks. these socks will be for me. I am planning on doing a 3/2 rib for them with a 2.5mm DPNs and a 2/2 rib cuff in 2.75mm DPNs
Here is a close up of the Flat Feet sock yarn.
I am so excited to have received such a lovely package and to have gotten the Flat Feet.

Again thank-you, thank-you, thank-you secret pal. Now I need to go and send a personal email to my secret pal.AND here is a Solara fix for those needing one.

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