Wednesday, July 30, 2008


..... only it has taken me two days to finish writing this post.

Knitting Goodness

Today the mail was good. YUP very good. I received a swap package. My sockamaniac International Swap package. A great big ole puffy was sticking out of my mailbox when I checked to see if I had mail today. So yes mail call was good.

The package contained two very lovely skeins of Cervinia yarn from Italy. These two skeins of yarn will make a lovely scarf.
AND just check out these needles. They are handcrafted by my partner Donna's husband. They are so smooth. I will use these needles to knit my new scarf BUT NOT until Sept.
I also received a lovely bag from China to hold my socks in progress, a candle, bar of soap and some bath beads.
One of the most interesting gifts was a guide book to the area my partner Donna lives in. What a very interesting area to live. I think I could live there without any problems. AND look at the lovely sun catcher ornament. There was also a couple of patterns in my package.
Thank-you very much for the lovely package and the lovely look at where you live.

I have had a request to make a felted bag similar to the blue and pink one I made last year and gave away in a swap AND in the same colors royal blue and bubble gum pink BUT with no flap. Here it is partly completed. The bag is now finished and sewn together but NOT felted yet. I have 1/2 the handle knit (in a nine stitch icord) and soon will start on the flowers.

For me I am making this NONI bag I received the magazine in my whoduknit knitted skein swap only I won't be knitting the bag in gold but black. I checked out the handles and the last time I looked they were $15.68 CAD. Of course, my socks for ravelrympics will be started when the Olympics begin before I start on the bag.

Here is Solara on her condo which she squeezes herself on. Here is what she sees at night while on her condo until I take her upstairs and put her in my bed where she doesn't stay too long. Sometimes there are bugs (mosquitoes) on the flowers or flying about outside.
BUT despite the bed being so high off the floor she now jumps on it as I found her on the foot of the bed Thursday and Friday when I got up and both nights I heard her jump off the bed after leaving me. She just won't sleep with me. PHEW!!! I was so worried she wouldn't be able to get up on the bed without help after all the bed comes up to hip.

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