Friday, July 11, 2008


YUP I am still unpacking and sorting. I hope to finish my second bedroom soon. Then I can work on my bedroom. I haven't been able to do much with the headache I have.

Yesterday evening despite my headache as NOT only did my Avon arrive and need to be packed (at 9PM) but I also received my bed, freezer and entertainment unit.

The bed is even put together. I wanted a bed far off the floor and I certainly have one now. Not wanting to throw away the futon mattress yet (such a hoarder I am) I put it on top of the box spring and mattress. On top of the futon mattress is a feather bed (queen size and bed is a double) and on top of the feather bed is my memory foam mattress. It is so high you can't even see the headboard. It seems I also have a foot board. I didn't know there was one originally when my girlfriend said I could have it. Have a look and see how high it is yourself. AND I love it high like that. BUT what am I going to do about a proper quilt or covering to go over my sleeping quilt so it doesn't show.

This photo shows a little more how high the bed is by seeing how high the table is and how tall the lamp is. I didn't make the quilt. I got it at one of the second hand stores in the city where the people from the colonies get or purchase fabric, sew them into quilts and then return them to the store to be sold. BUT I did make the chenille teddy. The lion the teddy is sitting on is Samantha and she is about 33 years old. I purchased her in Harrods on my first and so far only trip to London many many years ago.
Here is my entertainment unit my friend Genie gave me that was her dad's. The only part set up is the TV. I need to see if I can hook up the VCR and DVD player. I didn't seem to do it correctly when I lived in the apartment. The stereo unit will only fit on the top where it is presently sitting. I won the stereo system in Avon soon after I first started selling.
Also, from Genie I got a 7cu foot freezer which is in the basement. Later tonight I can plug it in. It was tipped on its side yesterday after I got it to clean it and defrost it. There is a little cleaning left to be done inside and the outsides need to be cleaned yet. BUT I have a freezer now!!!!

Here are the decorative towels in my bathroom I bought from Avon. They match my Dollarama shower curtain. Now I want to get a PINK mat for the floor but one that doesn't have any rubber backing on the bottom and some large and other size fluffy PINK towels. In the front yard you can see the little leaves of my Swiss chard (not red) which I planted as a tape and the little leaves of the beets (not a tape) coming up. I don't know if there will be enough time for them but I can always hope. The leaves of the second set of beans I planted are quite large now. Those tomato plants sure aren't doing well. I am going to see if I can purchase a couple large tomato plants tomorrow.

On the knitting front I am still knitting my Claptois. I am starting the section where you drop stitches. AND I want to start my Flat Feet sock yarn.

Knit Picks is having a book sale again this summer. AND there are a couple of books I would like. I do have a gift certificate I could use but I have been saving it for a ball winder and swiff. Decisions decisions decisions.

AND occasionally Solara sits and plays on her toy. Mostly she sits on her condo looking out the front window watching the world go by. A built in TV.

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Celena said...

Penny ... I never got your sign-up email for this round of the Hand Dyed Yarn Swap. Did you send it? If so, did you use the new email address listed on the blog? I actually haven't sent partners out yet so get me your questionnaire and send it to I'll wait to hear from you so please let me know you got this!