Friday, August 15, 2008


I have a new model for my knitting. She is quite adorable and sometimes she doesn't even mind modeling for me. Here she is wearing my most recently finished project, my Be Still My Heart Rock Star Scarf which I have completed for the ravelrymypics for the Scarf Stroke event. Again the yarn is Tilli Thomas Rock Star in color Hope which I received in my second package from my SP.

You have to admit she sure is pretty and makes a great model!!!

So I have finished my first of two projects I am doing for the ravelrymypics. I am presently working on project #2 for the Sock Put event. I am knitting with the Flat Feet yarn I also received from my SP in my first package. I would say I am about 30% finished.
You can see the yarn is quite curled while you are knitting it. I certainly hope it evens out when I wash it after the socks are completed. I wish the colors in the photo could be more accurate. I am knitting the socks in a 3/2 rib with a 2/2 rib cuff.

I am almost finished with the bag I am knitting and felting for a friend of a friend. Well I know her also. It is all knit and felted now. It just needs to have the flowers sewn on, the pocket sewn in and the handles attached. Again here is a in progress knitting photo and a before felting photo.

I haven't taken the after felting photo yet but will soon and show it to you. Boy did it felt and shrink. I used a friend's washing machine as I don't have one yet and my oh my!!! I will finish this after I complete the socks for the ravelrymypics. I also have my whoduknit project for the August read to knit. I won't say what it is as I am not sure I will be able to do this project BUT suffice to say it has to do with Greg Iles book called Dead Sleep. It was a really great read by the way.

I have gone and joined the Mystery Stole KAL #4 and will be using this yarn to knit the project. It is from my stash!!! It was sent to me in a swap. It is luscious. It is rubi + lana. It is shade #222, dye lot #2228 and from information I was able to find on ravelry it has 600 yds in each skein. I am sorry the photo color doesn't do it justice. The color is actually a deep wine red/burgundy. I won't be doing a swatch until my socks are completed. I also need to purchase beads BUT I will check my bead stash first to see if I have a good color.
YUP I have my work cut out for me in Sept also. In addition to working on the shawl KAL, I have a birthday gift to knit for a girl in in one of my groups and then there will also be the Sept whoduknit project. We will be reading a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys book but that project will for Oct. In September the project due is for Plains Crazy which I read in August. I didn't read them when I was a "youngum". I did read all the Cherry Ames Nurse books, Little Prairie books and other books including a lot of adult books. Oh yes the next monkey sock swap will also be beginning (well in the fall and I would think fall means Sept). Find that swap here I am also thinking of joining the Big Bag KAL and Swap where you knit a big bag and send it off with goodies. You can find it here AND before you know it, it will time to knit for the holidays.

BUT it is summer and summer means garden. Look what I got from my garden. I have had three bunches already. They taste so good.
AND look at the size of my tomato plant. It is now taller than me. I took the photo inside so you could see it in relationship to the window to truly get an idea of it's height.
This was how big it was when I purchased it.
I have to admit the few cherry tomatoes I have tasted were really very good.

Speaking of tasting it seems the little missus would rather drink her water from the plant container than her own "glass mug" on the coffee table. As you can see I haven't planted that lantern plant yet.
I have been picking the the daisies in my garden and putting in vases on the entertainment unit and they look so nice.

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