Sunday, August 17, 2008


This week my whoduknit tag sale swap arrived. It has been a very busy week for me with the pouring rain, the rain, my Avon, an ultrasound of my thyroid and my girlfriend's dad's funeral that I am now just getting around to posting about this. I tried to post it on the whoduknit blog but for a couple of days I wasn't able to access it??????? This is the second year we have done this swap. In this swap we are only allowed to spend $10 not including postage or what we we have in our own possessions we wish to share. We have to check out garage sales, tag sales, second hand shops and do some destashing. Where I live I find the best time for garage sales is usually in the spring but we do have some great second hand stores to shop.

So here goes Knitting Goodness

My partner outdid herself. Look at all the goodies I got. Here is a lovely tote bag.

AND some patterns. I wanted the pattern for the shawl. It was a free insert in the British Simply Knitting magazine but at the time I couldn't afford to buy it. AND now I have the pattern WOO HOO!!!!
Of course, there were yarns.
a clear plastic backpack, a basket can you see the prices?),
a dishcloth that says USA and has a map of the US, a sun visor, a bird feeder, a cup, a postcard,
a "P" note pad, sheep socks, candy, pencils, and and and
and hints for cleaning, controlling, growing, information on recycling plastic bags,
a set of crochet hooks, a crochet hook holder, two yarn bras, sewing needles, a booklet with 250 Expert Tips for Knitters,
information on the 10 most wanted Bugs in Your Garden, a garden calendar, a "P" notepad with a pen and some Mary Engelbriet stickers.
What a haul!!!! Danielle you sure went above and beyond. All I can say is WOW!!! AND Thank-you.

How is my new townhouse doing you ask since it has been a while since I wrote about it. LOL

I have a vacuum cleaner now. It was a gift from my girlfriend Genie. She is my friend whose dad passed away and the funeral was this past Thursday. I am letting her sister park in my parking space while she is here so in return Genie said I won't need to pay her for the vacuum. It is a Shark. It is the smaller one and boy does it have suction power. I even heard from several people that this one is better than the more expenseive Shark vacuum cleaner. I thought it was going to suck the carpet off the princess's condo and toy. It is a bit noisy (but for the price even if I was paying for it which I originally was ) I can live with it. It is very light weight and great picking up cat hair. It sells for $80 but was on a 50% off sale when I got it or should I type when my girlfriend picked it up for me. Here is what it looks like. I also now have a new book shelf. What a fiasco that was. Sauder shelves, the ones made of saw dust (LOL) were on sale for $34.99. A good price for the tall book shelves so I got two. I got them home and last Thursday (a week ago already, where does the time go?) before my Avon came I made a go at it putting them together. I did fine in the beginning. I even thought I had them put together properly. The shelves were sturdy and seemed in solid. I stood it up. It seemed a bit wobbley but I didn't think anything of it. I walked away for a minute and when I came back it just fell nearly killing both my furchild and me. It fell with a loud thud and we just got out of the way in time and there it was lying on the floor in pieces. Those make believe wood shelves are heavvvvy. So now what do I do? I had to return them and get something else. Of course, not having a car makes all this very difficult. Once I had a ride I had no problem returning both of them, the one that fell and broke and the one still in the box. I also went and purchased a really nice wood shelf made from pine (lacquered) at JYSK. Even on sale it was more money but not much. My girlfriend put it together for me. It took her three hours. It is so pretty.
The top half of the shelf.
The bottom half of the shelf.
The books on it are from the empty metal shelf in the top photo. I am going to put my magazines on that one. The shelf that was where this one is now I am putting in the basement to put my plastic containers on which I hope I will eventually put in my kitchen cupboards but that won't be until I can get a hutch and buffet for the dining room.

While I was at JYSK I found a really nice hutch and buffet. Even on sale I can't afford it now but if I save and it goes on sale I will purchase it. It is oak and not lacquered. I only would have liked more glass on the cupboard. They even have a table and chairs to match the hutch and buffet. ONE DAY. My washing machine comes first and after that I will need to get new cordless phones. YES I am learning patience.

Who else is watching the Olympics? Michael Phelps has now won 8 gold metals surpassing Mark Spitz. I don't like all the sports but I do like a lot of them. It is great knitting watching them.

Oh and here is the photo of the Diane's bag felted. I will have to look for D rings to attach the handles with and decide on what type of closure to use. I was thinking of just using a large snap. There are more flowers and leaves than needed so I can choose the ones that look best on the bag.

While Vickie was putting my self together she put some of her groceries in my fridge emptying a large bag. Solara decided she needed to check it out for herself so here she is in Vickie's bag looking pretty.

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