Sunday, June 29, 2008


YEAAH!!! I have found my camera cord. Now I just need to get the photos from my camera to the computer.

I also found my tote bags which were right under my nose. Now if I could find my scale I will know where everything is even if it isn't all put away.

So I will be back later with a new post and PHOTOS!! I am off to drop off my Avon brochures. Tomorrow I will deliver some more Avon orders so I can have as much completed before the Tuesday July holiday as I can.

Here is a photo of some of my candles taken in my old place which were sitting on my plate rail. I don't have a plate rail anymore and now I need to find a place to put everything that was on it.
AND, of course, I will leave you with a photo of "The Princess". This was taken when I was packing up in May at my apt. Can you find her?
AHHHH here is a close up and you can see her now. AND yes she is settling in well.

Thanks Misstea I think my place is going to be just great also when it all fixed up.

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aniexma said...

Ack! The horrors of moving, it's been nearly four years since my last move and I haven't forgotten. Hooray for finding the camera cord, I've been wondering why you haven't posted. Looking forward to seeing lots of shots of the new place - even if it's not all unpacked!