Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This post is extremely late in coming. I can't apologise enough for my bad manners in blogging about a swap received three and half weeks ago.

I have received two wonderful swap packages my angel Ravelry Starbucks Swap and my Kitty Mat from the Ravelry Kitty Toy Swap. I also received my Phat Fiber Box and my 2010 Dishcloth Calendar. OH MY OH MY OH MY

These three boxes arrived the same day.

I will start off with my Ravelry Starbucks Swap Swap package which was sent by an angel since my partner disappeared. The box was addressed to me but the enclosed card was written to someone else by the name of Marjorie. I guess my partner Michele had Marjorie on her mind.

I adore this little crochet hook which is great for picking up dropped stitches. I have a couple different ones but this is the smallest. Every project bag should have one. I love my Euclan and Soak I get in swaps to wash my knitted garments especially my socks when they are done. AND a Starbucks gift card. YUM YUM

Now check out this yarn. It is Wollmeise in color Box Wreath. Drooling is allowed since it will be on your keyboard and not mine or my yarn. HEE HEE These are the best of all nine photos I took. My camera is just not taking great photos anymore. I tried taking photos of this yarn inside and outside close up and further away with natural and artificial light. ARRGH!!!! The actual colors are unbelievably gorgeous.

I also received stitch markers in both swaps and in my PHAT Fiber box. Here they are. these photos came out good.

These two stitch markers were from the PHAT Fiber box.

Now for my package from the Ravelry Kitty Toy Swap.

My big girl Solara took immediately to her package and enjoying her kitty mat, which is so to her liking being it was felted. Check out her name on it.

I certainly hope I got this correctly. These are from my pal in the Kitty toy Swap. See the card. It has disappeared along with my note/card from my angel in the Starbucks Swap. It was on my desk for me to refer to and now it is gone gone gone. I know it will show up since I hardly ever toss cards and notes out. It is just a matter of when it will reappear.

This is YUM YUM yarn. It has glittery shiny yarn in it which makes me very happy. I checked ravelry but couldn't find it listed there to help decide what to make with it.

Here is Solara enjoying her mat and her catnip snake and mouse.

AND then she also got some Kitty Treats which are long gone now.

Yes Solara enjoys here swaps as much as I enjoy mine.

Again please forgive me if I got some of the swap items mixed.

So you want to know what is a PHAT Fiber box?

From the PHAT Fiber ravelry group it says, "A yarn store or fiber festival in a box delivered to your doorstep once a month. Featuring indie yarn samples, batts, roving, original patterns, teas, stitch markers, and much more!"

More details can be found here: http://www.phatfiber.com/ and you can sign up here to be notified when a box will be available to purchase from etsy:

This is what it says on the blog, "The Phat Fiber Sampler box is a way for independent fiber, yarn and related needlecraft companies and artisans to promote their products through a tactile goodie box that goes on sale once monthly. Our contributors get exposure while the consumers get to handle and experiment with products before making larger purchases."

This is what I saw when I first opened the lid of my box.

My first box in September contained these items in addition to the stitch markers. For my first box I chose a mixed box of fiber and fluff. You can also choose just a fluff box or just a fiber box. BUT you have to be fast to get one. I so need to learn how to spin better so I can play with these new fluffs. On the ravelry site you can see what people have spun with their samples.

AND also in the box was discount coupons for different sites on etsy. Here are some of them.

I also received my 2010 Dishcloth Calendar and stitch markers. This is the third year I have purchased this calendar. Each year it gets better.

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monnibo said...

Wow! What great swap packages. I especially love the photos of Solara enjoying her gifties.