Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I have received all three of my secret pal gifts. The last arriving yesterday. Boy did I get some wonderful yarns and treats. This short post is dedicated to thanking my Secret Pal for the last two packages.

Now check out this PINK cotton yarn. I was sent five skeins each 131 yds. Right now it is saying it wants to be a summer top. I wonder if I have a pattern. Part of me thinks I may have but I am not 100% sure.

I also received this lovely luggage tag in PINK despite the photograph making it look more red. It has lots of dots on it and my initial in big black letters. Now I just need a place to go. I would love to go on a knitting cruise but, alas, the funds won't allow it.

Of course, there was candy, YUM YUM and a cute card.

My final package was just as wonderful if not more wonderful and I got to find out who my pal was. Her name is Stacey.

She read that I am interested in learning how to make stitch markers so she sent this little box of assorted PINK beads and

these two strands of unique PINK beads. I may want to save the larger ones from the box and the strands to put on a knitting project.

To help me in making stitch markers I now have these very small jewelry tools and
these wires. One of the wires seems a bit heavy but I guess it can be used to make jewelry instead of stitch markers. I just have to get my nerve up to try.

Yes there was candy in my box too. This is all there was left when I took the photo and it was soon gone after the photo was taken. It was delicious chocolate coated peanut brittle.

I did receive yarn in my box. This Colinette yarn is really more PINK than purple but it does have a hint of purple in it also. One lovely skein of soft merino yarn.

Here is a close up.

My box contained two skeins of this yarn which is not as ORANGE as it appears. It is more salmon with some pinky purple. I wonder what I can make with the two skeins of this yarn.

AND yes there was more yarn, three skeins of Lousia Harding Castello. You don't see it in the photo but it sparkles. There is some glittery yarn mixed in.

I will check out ravelry to get ideas on what can be knitted with these yarns. Isn't ravelry wonderful?

Even Solara wasn't forgotten. I have a cute picture frame to put a photo of Solara and some catnip seeds to make her some FRESH catnip. Solara loves catnip. Did you know that for a cat to get all weird around catnip they need to have a gene for it. If they don't it won't have any affect on them.

So Stacey thank-you for all the wonderful gifties you gave me and putting up with my not blogging properly.

I am trying to get myself caught up with my blogging. I have two more swaps to post and my Phat Fiber Box. I hope I won't be missing any swaps in my next post. I will also include photos of my big girl princess Solara.

Please accept my apologies for not posting so regularly as intended but with both my knees so sore when I get ready to be able to blog when chores, errands and what I have to get done is completed I am so tired and in so much pain I just end up going to bed.

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monnibo said...

Wow!! What a fantastic swap package! Can't wait to see what you create with the beads and yarn!