Sunday, November 4, 2007


YUP I seem to have left my posting again for a week. WELL except for yesterday's post.

Monday I did some laundry. I know we all do laundry. I am only mentioning this so I can show a photo of my fur toddler further in the blog.

AH Tuesday my girlfriend came over for dinner. Her exchange student joined us a little later. We had chili. For dessert I made us an apple pie. At first I didn't think it would get baked when the fuse for the oven blew. I put in a fuse I had and it seemed to work for a while but not permanently. So out I went with a pie ready to be baked looking for a fuse. I had to go to four places before I found one. PHEW, I thought I would have to end up going downtown on the bus or worse yet Home Depot. So here are the photos of my pie in the making and .....

This first one is of the empty ready to be filled pie plate. It is a lovely pie plate and one I got free when I purchased something in the mail years and years ago. Here are my apples all cut and mixed with sugar and minit tapioca. I usually make my pies with about five pounds of Macs but there were three pound bags on sale so I got two. It was just as well since a few were in rough shape.
Here are those same apples piled high in the pie plate with the crust to be on the bottom.
Here is the pie with the crust on the top ready to be baked.
Here is the pie out of the oven after about an hour. Sorry for the bad photo.
AND here is what is left after the three of us had dessert.
Tuesday started out awful when in the middle of the night I noticed the toilet was leaking and there is only one toilet in my apartment. It took a while to figure out where the leak was coming from. When I did I was able to turn off the valve. At first it seemed to be coming from under the toilet. I know nothing about plumbing, electricity and carpentry. I left a message on the property manager's emergency number so they could get back to me which they did at 6:45AM. I was told to call the caretaker. I did and I explained I had spoken to the property manger who said I was to phone her and have her call the plumber to come right away. I got a return call almost immediately from the caretaker telling me that the plumber wasn't answering his phone and possibly was "scheduled up" for the day already HUH???? BUT she would call her husband to come and see what the problem was (they are separated and live apart as far as I know). A little after 9AM I called the property management company myself. They in turn got in touch with the plumber who called me back immediately and said he would be here in an hour which he was. He fixed the toilet very quick as he had the needed part in his truck. There was a hole in the plastic thingy that is attached to the metal curly thing. At 12:40PM the caretaker's husband showed up to see what the problem was with my toilet. Then the fuse in the oven blew. BUT in the end the day turned out fine, the company enjoyable and I have to say dinner was delicious.

Wednesday (Halloween) morning I went to Hilltop to pick up soap to try for another dry leg study. This time at least I was given a bar of soap and a time to try out for the study on Monday despite my legs being maybe a bit too try???? In the early afternoon I went for my Flu shot. I am now ready for the winter. I get one every year and have not had a horrible flu for 30 years. I have had some really bad colds, and awful ear infections but no flu!! AND in my other arm I got my monthly B12 injection. I came back home and got ready for my friend Shelagh to come over for a visit and share with me some of the left over chili and apple pie. AND I was hoping the postman would bring me a package. BUT the day was passing by and it would soon be evening. One of the packages I was waiting for was my whoduknit Trick and Treat swap package. At this point I figured I would be one of the people receiving their gift after the holiday. With the postal service you never know how long a package will take to get somewhere. BUT yes the postman came by in the late afternoon.
Knitting Goodness
AND yes it was my whoduknit Trick and Treat package from Mindy. It was in a cardboard type mailing envelope and when I opened it look what I pulled out. What a great Halloween bag. Here are some of the goodies I found in my bag. I thought the trick was that Mindy put some chocolate candy in each end of the skein of Lamb's Pride Black Yarn. BUT that wasn't the trick. The yarn is to be able to make the pattern she included for a black felted witch's cauldron. The trick is how to make a magic potion in the finished cauldron. See there are three pair of earrings and the chocolates that were in the end of the yarn also.
Other goodies I received included a Miss Seeton Mystery called Witch Miss Seeton by Heron Carvic. I never heard of this author and it sounds like a fun read. Inside it says. "This is not so much black comedy as black currant comedy .... you can't stop reading. Or laughing" Also, included was a pumpkin on a bike carrying a lollipop you wind up and the pumpkin rides away, a tube of bat wings with a plastic mummy key chain and a baby rubber ducky dressed up as a witch.
Here is the little miss trying to get in on the action. On Wednesday when Shelagh came to visit those clothes were still in the box in my livingroom (as they also were on Tuesday when I had company) and Solara was still using it for her bed. She does love to lie all over the dirty clothes but she also love the nice clean ones. Here you can see her enjoying herself in the nice clean laundry. The box of clothes didn't last long as a favorite place once Shelagh arrived with her knitting bag. Here she is trying to get into the bag. Since she couldn't fit in the bag she chose to sit on it.
Now this is more comfortable.

Thursday was a busy day cleaning up and getting ready for my Avon to be delivered. I was receiving 12 boxes. I had to get these packed that same night which I usually do so not to have too much mess in my apt. AND b/c they need to be delivered , new brochures dropped off and money deposited by the following Thursday the latest so my next order would be delivered to me. I had read my invoice online and there was close to $300 in shorted items. Some of these items had been already shorted in the previous campaign. BUT my sales are increasing and I am getting closer and closer to President's club and a new Lady Albee for this year. This time my Avon arrived at 9PM. The last delivery arrived at 10:30PM and the poor delivery guy had eight more deliveries to do since he was covering two areas. It is very hard on the person who delivers to me as there is no elevator in my apartment and I am on the second floor. The delivery people and there have been women don't get much paid much. They are not paid by the number of boxes they deliver but just for each delivery.

Friday I made some deliveries and dropped off a few orders. Genie came over in the evening; I knit, she crocheted and we gabbed.
Today I delivered most of the remaining brochures and orders I had. I have about four more deliveries to make and a few more brochures to drop off.

BUT of course I have been knitting.
I have finished my whoduknit Slipknot project. I made a thong for Jane to wear on her date so she could feel sexy since she wasn't able to find anything to wear for it when she went shopping. Since the date went down the tubes so to speak she can also wear it on a future date which I am sure will happen later as the story progresses. Here is what I knit for her.

I am almost finished with my bag for my knitnplay partner. I was working on the handles for quite a while as I couldn't decide what kind of handles I wanted to put on the bag. Then I re-did the flowers for the embellishments. They are now knitted but all the flowers are not ready to put on the bag. This is a photo with the old flowers. They are not sewn on. The new ones ready to be sewn on look much nicer. I wanted to mention that I did notice the my Fall Felted bag partner Nicola, who I sent my package to sent her package to Leslie who sent me my package. We were a threesome. I wonder is our hostess did this with all the gals. Also, the card I received from my FFBE partner Leslie was a photo of "cupcakes".

I am making headway on Mixed Jelly Bean Socks, my addictedtoknitdishcloth birthday gift for December and will be starting something for both my Harvest Sock Swap partner and weluvknitting partner which I hope I am able to finish it on time.
I haven't been on Ravelry for several days but should be back on there again soon.

AND that was my week. How was yours?

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