Friday, May 15, 2009


I had another test yesterday (Thursday May 14). I had to have a Small Bowel Series AKA Barium Swallow. I was told it could take 3 - 4 hours and it has been known that sometimes a person has to return the next day for further x-rays. I was to check in at 8AM and it was scheduled for 8:30AM. I checked in and at 8:50AM was given that most wonderful pina colda island drink minus the pineapple, coconut and rum AND not only was super sized but I was given TWO glasses to drink. By 9:10AM I finished them both and went for my first x-ray. I had to lie on my stomach and when it was done I got to see the picture taken on the computer of my stomach filled with barium AKA chalk.
Twenty minutes later I went for my second x-ray and now I could see part of my small bowel filled with the barium. Actually, I could see almost all of my small bowel filled with this chalk on the computer screen. AND 10 minutes after this second x-ray I was in the bathroom and it was all coming out. After my trip to the bathroom I had my third and final x-ray which I also got to see. Then it the test was deemed over and I was sent home. It all took less than an hour for me. I guess some are not as lucky. BUT I am still glad it is over. I am also glad it wasn't on Wednesday as it was pouring out and was cold most all day. Now I wait to see what the doctor says and if I need to have another scope with a longer tube. Not having a car I have to take the bus. I get on the bus hoping to at least make it downtown before I need to go potty again and THE BUS BREAKS DOWN!!!!! I did make it downtown without any accidents and then home also without any problems. I think the only problem was having to get up early for the test. I needed a nap when I got back home. OH AND I did knit while I was there. I worked on my Cookie A Kai-Mei socks.

My doctor did say he would like me to have one of those camera capsule tests done where you swallow a capsule with a camera inside and it takes pictures as it goes through your bowel. I don't know if it will be done and if it will be done when as they only do it at one hospital in the city and they only do 30 of them each year. So I will wait and see. He didn't say he was scheduling this small bowel series and the papers just arrived in the mail one day soon after my follow up appt with him.

Now on to lighter and a funny video.

Check out this most adorable video. It is Dagwood a cat playing ping pong.

I have been quite busy.

What have I been knitting?

I finished a pair of footsies for my ravelry Color Swap 3 partner Katie. I called them Tickle My Toes. She put down teals and turquoises as the color she wanted to receive. I used Kroy Sock Yarn for them and put the left over in my Entrelac socks I made for sock #2 of the 2009 International Sock Pentathlon.

Here are the footsies on me. Yes I washed them before I mailed these footsies to my partner.
AND here they are on my partner's feet. Here is a close up of the heel.

Here is a close up of the lace pattern.

I made these once before for a partner in a bottle swap I was in. She never received her bottle of goodies. The other pair of socks I knit in a variegated yarn. These are very easy.

For my felted bag partner Andrea I knit her an Andrea Bag. This is the photo she took as it is better than the one I took.

Here are the pre felting pictures. These first two are of the entire project.

This is a photo of the handles and flowers.
Here is the inside lining of the bag. This was originally a tee shirt. I found it at Mona's (Wolseley Wardrobe), my local consignment and fine yarn shop. The colors were a perfect match and I loved the design of hearts and lips. Unfortunately, the sewing could have been better.
I can't remember if I wrote about the Lily pad I knit. All knitters end up at the frog pond eventually. Well this is in case the water is too cold or you don't feel like going swimming. You can sit on the lily pad while you rip. HA HA. I gave it to Nate in addictedtoknitdishcloth yahoo group as one of his birthday gifts since he is KF (King Frogger)

I also gave him a snake drafter door dodger. He thought it was to stop snakes from sneaking in his house. Nate doesn't like snakes.

For MOI I have completed another pair of socks (#2) for the 2009 International Sock Pentathlon. They are entrelac. I am NOT sure if I like them or not. If I were to like them and knit another pair I would remove one or two more of the squares to make them narrower on the leg. I used Noro Kureyon Sock yarn for the legs and feet and Kroy actual color is called Blazing Blue for the cuffs, heels and toes.

I didn't do anything to match these socks. It was just magic between the correct needle size, pattern and my foot size I guess. I have enough Noro left to knit another just like these two also with perfect matching.

I purchased this wonderful household help at Canadian Tire mid April. I waited until it was on sale. I think now what the heck did I wait for? It is wonderful and I highly recommend it if you don't already have one. I got mine when it was on sale for $69.99 (regular price $99.99). It sure makes mopping floors a breeze. No more buckets of water or sponges to wring and squeeze out. No more waiting for floors to dry. It can also be used to damp mop a carpet.

So my post has been sitting this far. Finally, I am adding this last bit and will publish it and start another and get it done much faster.

I also received a Round Robin seed box. I found some nice seed packets in it and also some glad bulbs. There were just tons of seed packets. We had to replace each TWO packets we took with only one. The glad bulbs was an extra gift for each of us.

Of course, Solara, my princess had to get in the action as soon as I emptied the box.

Here is a photo of her enjoying and checking out the box my seeds came in. It seems the smaller the better.

Before I close I want to let everyone know the Ravelry Starbucks Swap is starting up. When you sign up there will be a place to list who recommended you. Don't forget to mention my name. This is a very small, quick and simple swap only requiring a $10 Starbucks card, skein of yarn, a pattern for the yarn, and some stitch markers. Minimum swap value NOT including postage is $20 - $30. I am a moderator and hostess in this group. If you are a member of ravelry you can find it here

Also, Secret Pal is opening up soon for sign ups. I am a moderator and will be a hostess for this group also. You can find information on it here in ravelry if you are a member. If not the blog will be up shortly. Information on when the blog will be up should also be on ravelry.

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